Why I Am Both Scared and Excited About My Daughter’s Blessing Ceremony



My daughter turns 13 years old this summer.  She is our first born child, our only daughter.  She is daddy’s little girl.  As I think about her officially becoming a teen (she’s been saying “I’m a teen” for the past 18 months!), so many emotions come to me.  It is exciting, yet scary at the same time. With the teen years will come boys, dating, spending more time with her friends, as well as emotional and physical changes with her.  And for me, the realization that she is more than halfway out of our house.

Perhaps sometime in the next 13 years I will be giving her away (in marriage) to a young man to love and care for her like I have. I understand this time is an opportunity to validate her, to bless her, to make a big deal about her, and to show her just how special she is to us.  This is why we’ve decided to celebrate by giving her a blessing ceremony.

My wife and I have discussed it, and here’s how we’re working through our plan. We’ve done some research and here’s how it’s coming together for us. We even found one example in a movie. Here are 10 things to consider for your daughter’s blessing ceremony and here’s all you need to know about how to host a blessing ceremony for your son or daughter.


Huddle up with your kid tonight and say:  “You are so special to me.  One reason I love you so much is ______________.”

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