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10 Ways to Serve Others as a Family

serve others

The biggest shopping season of the year is here. Throughout the year, we are bombarded with advertisements trying to get us to click, buy, or visit a store to get the latest deal. The new toys and games will be on the market and our kids will probably see … Continue reading…

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Thanksgiving Jokes for the Dinner Table

thanksgiving jokes

It’s Thanksgiving, one of my favorite days of the year. There’s nothing better than gathering together with loved ones for football, parades, and food. Soon the table will be set, the turkey will be dressed, and everyone will sit down together. In my house, we love to laugh. We … Continue reading…

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3 Ways to Turn Black Friday into a Happy Friday

black friday

What is it about Black Friday and sales that make people crazy? I understand wanting to pay less and get more bang for your buck but, every year, I see some examples of the worst in people. They seem to lose total perspective and do things that are pretty … Continue reading…

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How to Help Your Wife in the Kitchen This Thanksgiving

help your wife

When most of us think of Thanksgiving, two things come to mind—family and food! It’s the time of the year that most of us get together with our family and enjoy some hearty meals. Since both of our parents live in another city, our tradition has been to have … Continue reading…

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3 Keys of Family Leadership

family leadership

Happy Thanksgiving! Immediately after the holiday, I will be headed to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. It is a true blessing to play in the NFL; however, one of the hardest parts is traveling away from my family. Several months ago, we went to West Virginia for training camp. … Continue reading…

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