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The Marshmallow Test for Kids


As parents, we seek to develop positive character qualities in our kids. It’s usually easier said than done, but it is always worth the effort. You may be familiar with The Marshmallow Test for kids, but take a minute to watch this short video that shows a series of kids facing the difficult task of exerting self-discipline and delaying gratification. We think you’ll love their reactions!

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A Lesson on the History of Memorial Day


Do you know how Memorial Day started and why it is significant? If Memorial Day is nothing more than a long weekend for you and a chance to grill out with friends, take a few minutes and watch this short video on the history of Memorial Day and remember the sacrifices so many have made on your behalf.

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Richard Sherman Postgame Interview


If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably seen your fair share of postgame interviews. One recent interview created quite the buzz, but not for good reasons. Erin Andrews’ postgame interview with Richard Sherman following the NFC Championship was a combination of raw emotion and adrenaline that resulted in a less than professional series of statements. What are your thoughts on Sherman’s outburst?

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Good Friday and Easter Explained


Today is Good Friday and people all around the world will stop to remember this day as we lead into Easter Sunday celebrations. Take a few minutes to watch this short video that helps explain the significance behind Good Friday and Easter. He is Risen!

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Kayden + Rain


For most of us, rain is an unwelcomed visitor and an added hassle to the routine of our day. But for one little girl, it is pure delight and “liquid sunshine” if you will. Watch this short video of Kayden experiencing rain for the very first time. We think you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

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