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One Response to Child Abuse


Child abuse is a problem that needs attention. The number of reported cases continues to grow, and many more go unreported. Watch how one government chose to respond to the issue of child abuse by targeting children with messages of hope and help.


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Real Beauty Sketches: Re-shaping Your Self-Image


Do you know how your wife views herself? You may tell her she’s beautiful, but she inevitably will see more flaws in herself than you do. Watch as one advertiser used beauty sketches to show women how others view them, and then be sure to share this with your wife.


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Volkswagen “Wedding Day” Commercial


We’ve all seen it in the movies, how a man or woman is about to marry someone they love, but may not necessarily be their true love. They are settling in a sense. Marriage is a big decision, and no one  wants to make a mistake and wind up with the wrong spouse. This Volkswagen commercial  highlights one woman’s marriage decision.

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Creative Japanese Commercial

Our Japanese friends have created one of the most fascinating commercials you will ever see.  It defies description.  Watch it below and have your jaw drop.  How can people be that creative?  Actually, true creativity is not free-spirited, it’s very disciplined, as this commercial shows.  It takes a lot of hard work.  And it can be taught!  Here are 10 ways to develop creativity in your child.

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The Bark Side


Volkswagen recently released a teaser for their 2012 Super Bowl commercial called “The Bark Side.” The Volkswagen commercials are some of our favorites. We love the dogs and we think you will too. Take a minute to enjoy this short video clip.

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