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Parental Settings Tech Tutorial


As a parent, you can never be too careful about what kinds of media your child is exposed to on a regular basis. Most children now have access to electronic devices, so be sure to watch this short tutorial on how to adjust the parental settings to protect your child from harmful material.


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A Sneak Peek at 2014


As the start of a new year begins, we wanted to share a couple of exciting things that will be taking place here at All Pro Dad in 2014.

1. The first is a whole new look for AllProDad.com.  More and more of you are coming to the site from your smartphones and tablets, and we want to create a site that looks great and is easy for you to use on any device.   We are taking strides to make it easier for you to not only read and watch, but to also share our content right from your devices. It’s time to update our look and layout to better serve you!

2. In addition to the redesign of AllProDad.com, our president, Mark Merrill, will be launching a podcast in 2014. We think this is a great new feature for our dads because many of you are commuting to and from work. The length of the 20-25 minute podcast makes it perfect for listening while driving in the car. The podcast will be dedicated to providing truth-filled marriage and parenting advice that helps you love your family and others well.   It will consist of guest interviews on the show ranging from experts on marriage and parenting to respected celebrities and online influencers.

We’re hopeful for what’s in store for All Pro Dad in 2014.  We are so thankful you are on our team and we can’t wait for the new changes that will serve all of you better!

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5 DIY Home Repair Tips


We are all blessed with different skills in life, and not everyone is going to be getting their own do-it-yourself reality show. However, as men and husbands, we should at least have a basic working knowledge of such things. With that in mind, here’s a short video with 5 easy home repair tips to help you get started.

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March Dadness Update



Hello once again TV Dad fans!

Jeremy Donovan, here reporting with your March Dadness update.

We started with sixteen of the Best TV Dads in history and now we’re down to eight.  Each match up was full of emotion! There were blow outs, close calls, and shocking upsets that had everybody on the edge of their seat!

Elite 8 action begins today as Andy Taylor takes on Ricky Ricardo. Will Ricky have some explaining to do to Lucy about a loss? Or will Sheriff Andy be sent packing his bags back to Mayberry? Today we will also see the innovater of the Duck Commander duck call, Phil Robertson, face off against Chicago Police Department Captain, Carl Winslow. Will Phil hunt his way to another victory or will Carl make a yuppie out of him?

The Elite 8 will conclude on Saturday April 6th. Leave It To Beaver’s Ward Cleaver will battle the Duck and Buck Commander, Willie Robertson. And in what seems to be the most anticipated match of the tournament, Charles “Pa” Ingalls will go toe to toe with Dr. Cliff Huxtable.

Then on Sunday, the winners of the Elite 8 will compete in the Final Four! The possibilities of the mayhem we could see this weekend are endless. But when the dust settles, who will be advancing to the March Dadness Finals?

Only you have the power to answer that question. Make sure to keep voting for your favorite TV Dad throughout the weekend (remember you can vote more than once!). The March Dadness Championship Finals will take place on Monday April 8th! Your votes will determine the fate of these competitors.

Until next time, this is Jeremy Donovan signing out from the All Pro Dad Sports Center!

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Maximizing Your Brain Capacity


Do you know your brain’s full capacity? Well, it turns out most of us don’t even come close to using our brains at full capacity. Listen as Dennis Charney, Dean of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, explains how resilient your brain really is and how you can maximize your brain’s potential.

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