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So many kids today are glued to their gadgets that they miss the most extraordinary technology ever created – nature. Our world is stunning, and who better than a child’s father to teach his kids the majesty of science and instill a sense of humility and awe. We have assembled several very short, powerful science and nature videos that are perfect for a dad and child to watch during the course of the year, be in wonder together, and discuss. Bookmark this page and pick one night of the month (i.e. Second Tuesday) to watch a video. We promise it will be time well spent.

Maximizing Your Brain Capacity


Do you know your brain’s full capacity? Well, it turns out most of us don’t even come close to using our brains at full capacity. Listen as Dennis Charney, Dean of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, explains how resilient your brain really is and how you can maximize your brain’s potential.

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Einstein’s Twin Paradox Theory


If you’ve ever wanted time to slow down, we’ve got the answer. Just travel at the speed of light…or as close to it as possible. Yep, turns out the faster you travel at the speed of light, the slower time goes by. Here’s more detail about Einstein’s theory and just how it works.

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How to Get to Mars


Ever wondered how to get to Mars? It’s a no brainer that it would be complicated, but just what would it take? Watch as NASA details how it sent the robotic rover to Mars. It’s amazing how much planning and attention to detail went into the process.

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How Big Are You Compared to Our Solar System?


How much do you think about the universe and the surrounding planets and stars? Other than the passing conversation about how Pluto is no longer a planet, most people don’t regularly think about our solar system. This video compares the sizes of our planets and stars, and what you see will truly take your breath away. After watching this video, take some time to reflect on how precisely and beautifully our world has been created.

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How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries


Questions are the launchpad of discovery. Adam Savage shares how simple ideas led to great scientific discoveries thousands of years ago. Inertia and the circumference of the earth are only two of the examples. Here’s more on the simplicity of scientific discoveries.

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