All Pro Dad’s Day is a monthly school program where dads and kids meet to have breakfast and enjoy meaningful conversation that strengthens their relationship.

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What WE


Each year, you’ll receive 10 new curriculum lessons, which will give you everything you need to successfully connect dads with their kids at school. These monthly resources include:

  • Leader’s Guide – your road map to lead confidently and effectively
  • Activities and Videos – creative ways to set up a conversation between dads and kids
  • Discussion Cards – questions to get dads and kids talking about relevant topics
  • PowerPoint – customizable presentations to give you a fun and professional look

You’ll have unlimited access to marketing resources to help you get the word out about your meeting, including:

•    RSVP Tracking – know exactly how many people are planning to come each time
•    Chapter Website – a convenient way to let people know where, when, how much and what time.
•    Email Functionality – build a contact database and send email reminder directly from your Dad’s Day Homepage
•    Customizable Flyers – a simple but effective way to send news home with students

You’re probably going to have questions.  Our All Pro Dad’s Day team is dedicated to getting you the answers and resources you need to lead your All Pro Dad’s Day chapter effectively, and we’re available to support you every weekday.

Phone – 800.956.8300, ext: 326

Hear From

Our Volunteers

Bill Weinberg

Sugar Grove Elementary in Greenwood, Indiana

Bill Weinberg has been a Team Captain at Sugar Grove Elementary in Greenwood, Indiana for over four years. Bill is the proud father of two girls and loves the quality time that he gets to spend with them every month at his All Pro Dad’s Day chapter. Bill’s hard work and dedication to the All Pro Dad’s Day program has resulted in great success for his chapter. After a Dad’s Day meeting, one child said to Bill, “Without All Pro Dad, I wouldn’t have time like this with my Dad.” Bill shared that comments like this from the children who attend his Dad’s Day chapter are what make his investment of time worth it. Bill has dedicated numerous years to strengthening families in his community, and we can’t thank him enough. Keep up the great work, Bill!


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