5 Things Dads Must Teach Their Sons About How to Treat Girls

At All Pro Dad we are committed to building strong families. That is why we partnered with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. We think it is important to encourage dads to teach their sons how to treat a girl.

  • Brenda Baxter-Dodd

    I had i thought i had a good marriage. Until one day we came home from the dr, from having ediquial in my neck. Got home nect thing i new that he had me on the bed . Hitting me in the head w his fists and i got out by running towatds the door, he kick me in the butt so hard, it lifted me up and then he started spitting in my face again. Got.out the door got into the car. Told me i couldnt drive the car, even thought he has a pu truck. He still was very mad at me. He was very controling man and mean and went to church sometimes. But.i found out later he didnt go alot when i.would not go.,.i ended up moving out he got locked up and tpo for one year to protect me from this mean man. That i thought was a god fearing man,but all he was a wife beater. And also found out he did the same to his other wifes that i didnt know….

    • Paul_Sp

      How tragic!!

    • Jeremy

      Brenda, I’m sorry to hear about this. I’ll be praying for you.

    • Miguel Sandoval

      You don’t have to be a God fearing man or attend church every Sunday to understand how to be civil and respectful toward a woman. Living life with common sense and doing the right thing is all.

  • Paul_Sp

    Good but very “no duh!” list.

    • Miguel Sandoval

      You’d be surprised how many men have no common sense these days.

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