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Coaching Players Towards Reaching Potential

After 28 years of coaching, one of the questions I’m often asked is, “What was your biggest challenge?”. I would have to say coaching all the players towards reaching their potential. Here are more of my thoughts on that and how it relates to fatherhood.

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Turning a Losing Culture Into a Winning One

When I arrived in Tampa, the talent was there. It was the culture that had to change. The coaches and myself in Minnesota knew that if we could get the Bucs down early, they would give up, and we could win easily. But if they started well, they would be … Continue reading…

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Thinking About Work and Money

“The mercenaries will always beat the draftees, but the volunteers will crush them both.” – Chuck Noll Work is good. My good friend, Tony Evans, a pastor in Dallas says that we were created to work. “Before Adam had Eve, he had a job,” he says. Work is good. Adding … Continue reading…

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