My Son’s Birthday and Kevin Durant

my sons birthday

Sometimes your kids can give you a little bit of that something you never expected. As a dad, you have to be able to respond well to the unpredictability that children bring. That happened recently with my son’s birthday. He was going to be turning nine and he wanted to have some special people come […]

My Basic List of Virtues for My Kids

list of virtues

The competing views of success in our world often create an interesting tension. Society tends to define success in terms of accomplishment and awards, material possessions, and profit margins. In the football business, winning was everything, sometimes at any cost. As a father, it’s good to have a basic list of virtues to focus on […]

Teaching the Value of Money

value of money

When I was in ninth grade, the guys on my basketball were all getting the same shoes. They were getting black Converse All Stars. Of course, I wanted to get what my teammates were getting so I spoke to my dad about it. The price of the Converse was $9.95. That would be an amazing […]

My Most Difficult Parenting Issues

parenting issues

My oldest daughter is thirty. That is a lot of years of parenting, but I feel like I am just learning how to do it well. No matter how long you’ve been parenting, it will never be smooth sailing. There will always be some challenges, especially when you have multiple children. There is no perfect parenting […]

Uncommon Fathers

uncommon fathers

In the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, Derek Redmond believed he could win a silver medal for Great Britain. After five years of daily training and eight operations on his Achilles tendons, Derek had won the first two heats and was running in the semifinals of the 400 meters. Things were going as planned […]

The Second Wave: Making Each Child Feel Special

making each child feel special

It can be challenging making each child feel special when you’re raising multiple children. Lauren and I have nine children and can definitely relate to that challenge. Making each child feel special doesn’t have to be as complicated as our minds tend to make it. Here are a few simple things you can do.

The Importance of Taking Your Family On Vacation

Fall is always a busy time for me and my family. With my traveling schedule it makes it hard to find moments to bond with the whole family. That is why we make it a priority to always take our family on vacation. A lot of great memories were made this year. Here’s what we […]