“Facebook-ing” and “Tweeting”

As some of you may know I’ve begun my journey into the Social Networking world. So far it’s been a blast!

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  • george

    danny rocks! thanks for getting coach accessible and engaged on social media!

  • http://boeason.com Bo Eason

    Tony – I always remember the talks you and I would have on the field, before the games when our teams would meet. Back in the 80’s when you coached the DB’s for the Steelers and I was playing for the Oilers. You were always generous with me and I never forgot those moments.

    It’s no accident that you have grown into the man that so many want to emulate. You were being that man way back then when you were not well know. Congratulations on everything.

    Remember we would always joke about both of us wearing the #21 and both of us playing DB in the League. I’ll stay connected with you through Twitter and Facebook. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate. I’m doing a lot of the same work you’re doing. I would love to send back some of that generosity you showed me back when I was a lowly Rookie.

    All my best to you and your family,

    Bo Eason

  • http://mile-highdads.com Mile-HighDad

    Way to go!
    Social Networking is here to stay. I have a Colorado based Social Network at http://mile-highdads.com that I am presenting live today to the State of Colorado Dept of Human Service’s “Colorado Dads Council” as a way for parents to interact.
    Being the primary care parent of the family is often isolating and I am out to break that trend, and the Web 2.0 is awesome for that!
    You rock man!
    -Mike Bates, MHD, http://twitter.com/TheMileHighDad
    PS: I am also team captain to our local All Pro Dad group and use my page to “enhance” if that is the right word, what APD gives us to use and interact with.