The Other Side of Michael Vick

vickOver the last two months, I’ve been in contact with Michael Vick.  My role has been only to assist him, to answer questions and to give my advice to a young man who is trying to get his life back on track.  I said I really didn’t want to make too many public comments until the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, made a ruling on his reinstatement.  Commissioner Goodell made that ruling Monday, conditionally reinstating Michael.

I believe it was the right call and I am glad that Michael is going to get a chance to re-start his football career.  But, more than that, I’m happy with the position Michael has taken.  I’ve met with him twice and spoken with him on the phone a few other times and I believe he is really focused on putting his life back together.  Sure, he would love to play football in the NFL again, but I think he has other priorities.  He has missed his family and looks to get those relationships going again, especially with his three children.  I think he realizes not only how important they are to him, but also how important he is to their development. He has missed 18 months of that development and he wants his whole family together again.  He also would like to have a positive impact on young people’s lives and he realizes that his dog-fighting conviction has been a huge negative in that respect.  I know he wants to turn that around and help kids understand the importance of good decision-making.

So I applaud the Commissioner for reinstating him and for doing it with some conditions.  When I was coaching and came across a player who had had troubles before coming to our team, I would always lay out what was expected and let that player know that he wasn’t going to be treated like everyone else.  He wouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt, and his behavior would have to be above reproach.  That’s the way he could prove to me that he had changed and that he understood what we were looking for.

I also think Commissioner Goodell is doing everything he can to help Michael succeed in life, as well as in the NFL.  I have agreed to be part of that team that will try to help him.  I’m going to be speaking and meeting with Michael on a regular basis.  I had agreed with Michael to do this even before talking with the NFL office, and my involvement will be to help Michael in any way I can.  I don’t imagine it will be different than what I’ve done with all the players I’ve coached.  I’ve stayed in touch with many of the guys, even after they have left our team, and have always tried to be there if they needed me.  In Michael’s case, I am not working for the NFL, but just doing what I can as a concerned friend.

My hope is that Michael continues on the course that he’s been on the last couple of months.  I’m not sure what football is going to hold for him; that will be discussed at length in the sports pages over the next few weeks. I believe in second chances for people who admit their mistakes and are committed to changing. I think Michael deserves the chance to show people he has changed and learned from past mistakes, but my true hope is that he will make sound decisions about his future and, at the same time, let people know more about the person that I’ve come to know recently.  I know the public will be skeptical, but I think, over time, people will find there’s a different side to him than what they’ve seen so far. And that’s really my goal, to help him let people see the other side of Michael Vick.

  • Ron Larson

    Dear Coach Dungy,

    Please let Micheal know that many of us are praying that God will reveal His great love and mercy to him. He made some tragic mistakes, and he has paid a price many of us can’t fathom. When I read of his last days before he was imprisoned, I thought of the pain and anguish his children must have experienced, and I wept for Michael and them. My hope is to see him play again, but most importantly through this, I hope he finds that Christ is calling him to know Him and to make Him known. He isn’t alone..God is with Him, through all of this, and he is a very blessed man to have a confidant and mentor like yourself.

    Ron Larson
    Duluth, MN

  • Andy

    Coach Dungy,

    Make him “Uncommon”. After I graduated college someone at my first job recommended I pick a successful employee at the company and pattern myself after them. “Uncommon” is a great book to pattern my life after — Michael should take the good from you and pattern his life accordingly.

    Houston, TX

  • Desi

    Who cares about the dogs

  • Mike

    Coach Dungy,

    Let Mr. Vick know that not too many convicted felons come out of prison with a chance to make millions of dollars. He has an opportunity that very few regular people have, let alone people who have made the decisions that he has made. I think he should use this opportunity to help people who have come from a similar background understand the value of all life. He now can truely make a difference, if he so chooses! It’s up to him to “Do the right thing”!


  • Sharell

    Mr. Dungy,
    You need a bigger platform. As much as you will be missed in the NFL as a coach, your work is invaluable.

    Can you come talk to my brother? :-).

  • Nelson Prater

    None of us have not done a multitude of things that we’ve been forgiven for. So, we forgive, as we know that we’ll be forgiven.

    How many times should Michael Vick be forgiven? 7 times? 7 times 70 times!

  • Football Guy

    Dear Coach Dungy,

    You are truly a role model for a lot of people out there. I admire how you stepped away from professional football on top of your game, committed to a much higher cause.

    Mike Vick committed a crime that was overblown to begin with. We live in the sad times where crimes against dogs are considered way more egregious than crimes against humans.

    Having said that, Vick’s downfall began before the conviction for the dogfighting ring. It happened the day he stopped valuing his fans and flipped them in a much publicized incident. A man’s downfall begins with the loss of humility and the rise of arrogance. Arrogance knows no bounds. It was the same arrogance that made him lie to Blank, to Goodell, and to the judge, all of which only exacerbated his problems. Had it not been for that arrogance, Mike Vick would have probably been playing in as far back as 2008.

    — Football Guy

  • Andrew

    Coach- You are one of a very small handful of individuals in the sports arena whose character and judgement I respect. I trust you will not mince words with Michael on the significance of his past behavior (not limited to his criminal actions, ie: flipping off fans as he left a game, being caught with marijuana, etc . . .) and future potential. Until I heard of your involvement with Michael, I didn’t give his statements about changing any credibility; and I remain somewhat skeptical. I hope he will follow your mentorship and become a great man.

    We are about the company we keep.

    Andrew- Chesapeake, VA

  • M

    What goes through someone’s mind to take enjoyment out of torturing and killing an innocent animal while it screams. Sure – give him another chance to be in a position that many good kids could only dream of having the chance at. Our world is full of crazy people and football is full of thugs. Good job Dungy and Roger. I’ll stick with NASCAR and HOCKEY – no thugs here.

  • Mike

    Johnny- It’s all about MONEY
    Desi- you know you don’t really feel that way

  • Alph

    Hey Coach,

    The only value we as christians hold that is worth anything is the value held in forgiveness. I am a long time Buc fan who have only feared two qb’s when watching the Buc’s. One is Favre and the other is Vick. yes he fell, but now it is the sports responsiblity to allow him the oppertunity to play. Perhaps some feel he has not paid for his crime. I differ, I believe he has and should be allowed to play. Perhaps some where in the west. somewhere away from the south division.

  • NFLhas no moral capacities

    Michael Vick is a convicted felon, would any of you be accepted back to your jobs after a felony conviction and jail time,– lets examine why vick was convicted he organized and bankrolled an operation where dogs were breed to fight to the death, if they werent good fighters they were brutally , electrocuted hanged drowned,.
    or used as bait dogs chained up used as practice for another dog, tied up and forced to breed litter after litter that will be used for the same thing. he put dogs through enormous pain and suffering- but not for money! he had millions of dollars then why?, he did it for fun he enjoyed killing dogs, torturing dogs, watching them kill each other and he enjoyed and loved to inflict pain on helpless innocent creatures.
    anyone saying they want him back in the NFL do a quick search on dogfighting and educate yourselves on the horrors that these dogs go through

    Mr.Dungy, as you support Michael Vick you too support what he has done with his dog fighting, no where in your post have you said what a horrible and in humane act dogfighting is, everyone has forgot why vick went to prison and lost his place in the nfl in the first place, vick does not deserve toplay in the NFL, he is a sick individual and should never be allowed to be in a position of presige,

  • Cindy Walters

    Has Mr. Vick inquired about his 22 “victory dogs” at best Friends Animal Sanctuary? Does he care about their recovery?

  • Josh

    I just wanted to say that I don’t think that Vick enjoyed the killing and torture of dogs. I think he enjoyed watching them fight. Look how big MMA is getting… people for some sick reason or another love to watch fights. Even random people on the streets- when there is a fight taking place, people always turn their heads and intently watch for the outcome. Furthermore, it wasn’t as if he was finding strays and making them fight to the death against each other. Like stated above, these dogs were bread for this activity. Cattle, swine, and chicken are all bread to be butchered. I know it is different circumstances, but I feel like people who are up-in-arms about the dog-fighting do not take into consideration the treatment we give to our eventual food.

    While I am a “dog” person who would never want to see abuse to a canine, I think that Vick paid his time for the crime he committed and he should be given the chance to move forward with his life. What he did was sad and deplorable, but he should be considered a new man now. I don’t think that Dungy is supporting Vick by helping him in this tough time. What he is doing is a blessing to the man.

    We could all learn many things from a man like Tony Dungy. Keep up the good work, Coach!

  • Shawn

    It seems quite apparent some of us have missed “Let him without sin cast the first stone” and eventually Christ had to ask Women where are your accusers. God forgives sin, man doesn’t. We say we do but then we can’t forget the sin we want to constantly remind others about others sin. What Vick did was horrific, he has publically asked forgiveness, his family doesn’t deserve to pay any more for this crime, And if a man with as much character and integrity not to mention a great judge of character can find a way to reach a man like Vick God bless him. Let’s pray for Vick and his continued recovery, and at the same time pray we are never faced with such adversity. By the way, Coach Dungy could you mention to Mike that the Denver Bronco’s could probably use his talent out west.

  • Manuel Garr

    For those of you continue to persecute Michael Vick:

    I have only one question…Were you or your son/daughter/loved one in his position, how would you want to be treated? And while you’re pondering that, consider this as well…”For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” (I Corin. 11:31)

    When you punish your children…after the sentence you’ve handed down (i.e. grounding, spanking, etc.) has been served, do you continue to punish and scold them? Of course not.

    Am I saying that Michael Vick is a child? Of course not…he was well aware of his actions and he has accepted the consequences of those actions; and has completed the sentence handed him. However, for those who say he should not be able to continue his football career and would continue to presecute him in lieu of paying his debt (both physically, emotionally and financially) I say….where would you be today if grace and mercy had not been given to you? “…Let he that is without sin among you, cast the first stone.” (John 8:7) Because of this scripture alone, no one should make life too hard on anybody…because it could just as easily be you in the same situation or worse.

    Coach Dungy, thank you for reaching out to Michael Vick and others like him. I’ve read “Quiet Strength” and I’m finishing up “Uncommon”. Your ministry of mentoring young people generally and young men specifically, I’m sure have been as much a blessing to Michael Vick and his family has it has been to me and mine.

    God bless you, and may heaven continue to smile upon you.

  • http://yahoo Jefonte Nelson

    you are a good man coach

  • dude! seriously

    Michael Vick used his position and money from the NFL, to fund his dogfighting operation. he was paid millions and millions of dollars, he has shown that he has no morals, why should he be rewarded with another chance, he should not be trusted with fame and money again. an earlier post said the U.S.does not punish other people for crimes so vick shouldnt be punished, so we should never try to change or make ourselves better. I hate all greedy rich people that escape punishment because they are well conenected. The point is the NFL needs to take a stand and show that it will not support players who are cheating lying CONVICTED FELONS. I would be totally happy and contempt if the NFL banned all players that have been convicted of a felony or violated there contracts. There are millions of people in this country if a few players were banned from the league there would be other people able and willing to take their place that live their lives within the law.

  • Really Mr Dungy

    “I believe in second chances for people who admit their mistakes and are committed to changing.”

    Mr Dungy – I agree with you but at what point exactly did Michael Vick admit his mistakes? After he was caught up in lies and the evidence mounted against him and he was guilty of the charges before him?

    Nice to see you take up his high profile case. Should do you well for a future book deal.

    Keep up your good work for those not as fortunate as Michael and under the radar. Makes you seem more authentic.

  • Jack

    I agree with the comments that most of us “normal” people would not be allowed back to our current job or profession after being found guilty and serving time for a heinous crime like Vick admitted to. I pray Vick and just show up and go to work, be a good husband, father and show EMPLOYERS out there that people can be rehabilitated. I know far too many people that have been relegated to 2nd class citizens because of a 10 second lapse in judgment, or being raised not to know better, etc. Vick’s success could help them more than people know.

  • Give me a break

    Mr. Dungy –

    You think that Michael Vick has changed? That’s the biggest load of bull I have heard in a long time. There is something inherently wrong with someone who can hold a dog’s head underwater until it drowns, all the while watching it struggle; there is something wrong with someone who can slam a dog to the ground over and over and over again, until it dies; there is something wrong with someone who can electrocute a dog.

    Vick and his cronies didn’t `just’ kill dogs – they intentionally thought of crueler and crueler ways to kill them; their methods make me think that they actually may have enjoyed the act of killing a dog they were mad at, because it refused to fight. People like this don’t just `change’. He might talk a good line now, because he knows that’s what he must say in order to get back into people’s good graces, but I promise you that he still doesn’t understand what he did wrong. In fact, police believe that those who torture or kill animals have a strong chance of moving on to hurt or kill humans. On top of that, look at the other activities he was involved with – gambling and illegal weapons. And it appears he is still associating in the same circles he ran in before he was arrested.

    It floors me that Vick was allowed re-entry to the NFL. That speaks volumes about what the NFL is willing to overlook, as long as someone can help it make money.

  • vizzilli

    ex-Coach Dungy,

    I admire your effort in mentoring Vick. It is unfortunate people are focused on the “felony”… the cruelty
    of dog-fighting… and whether Vick should be allowed to return to NFL because of the crime. I think you
    have refused to discount what Vick did and focused on what is possible in the future for this man. That is
    more of what counts.

    As much as I really want Vick to play come NFL Game #1 this season, and as much as I think the public morality
    is perverted (dismissing a lot of destructive behaviors and gratifications while being so sensitive to animals), it
    is not worth you or Vick’s time to be so concerned. Second chances are given where there is opportunity and where
    people extend it, unfortunately! May you encourage Vick to pursue the appropriate steps. Reconciling with his family
    is a high priority rather than pleasing fans and opponents. There is a time for everything when it comes… but takes
    wisdom and courage to steer in the right direction!


  • Chris

    Coach Dungy,

    Although I’ve never been a Michael Vick fan (and being a dog lover as well), I truly believe Michael Vick deserves a chance to play in the NFL again and also, and more importantly, change his life for the better. God’s Word tells us to forgive and not judge others. There’s no doubt in my mind that this decision to support Michael did not happen without a great deal of prayer. Time will tell whether Michael Vick succeeds in his transformation or not, but there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll make every effort to see that he becomes the man that God intended for him to be. God Bless you, Coach Dungy.

  • a

    if people can act like animals then dogs can be treated like people.

    Vick brought this all upon himself no one forced him to fight dogs, he had more opportunities then any one else, millions of dollars he could of lived a peacefully happy life but he chose to act like an animal. so he doesnt deserve the respect you give him

  • What a joke

    Not impressed with the NFL in re-hiring Vick.

    This will give me a reason to no longer purchace NFL products or watch the games.

  • http://allprodads John

    When you spend as much time as I did following Michael Vicks career, you could not help to be heartbroken over the bad decision he made. I love my pets. To some they are their kids. I cannot fathom participating in dog fighting, but I have done some things Michael might say the same about my past actions. Regardless of what happens, I hope he embraces the opportunity to have a lifelong relationship with Coach Dungy. Coach Dungy’s love for Christ can help steer Michael to the true meaning of life well beyond his football years. It may help Michaels brother as well.

    John Huggins
    Gulf Breeze , Fl

  • Phillip

    Stop treating dogs like children you losers. Doggie daycare and dog walkers disgust me. Get a life.

  • rw

    Its not about treating dogs like children, its about respect for life , and animals that have feeling and emotions, you think those dogs vick beat to death, strangled, electrocuted, didnt feel a thing, they have feeling and emotions, they did not deserve to die like that, no animal deserves to be tortured to death, maybe you should get a life, you are the true loser: one who as no compassion and sympathy for life. you will defend michael vick but you wont defend a innocent creature’s right to live a happy life without pain, fear and abuse.

  • Phillip

    Where did i support vick’s treatment of dogs?

  • SEP

    To reference Uncommon, our mistakes make us better qualified to explain consequences. Prayfully because of his mistakes and with the mentorship of Mr. Dungy, Vick will consider this opportunity as a reflection of his favor with God and use it as a chance to make a difference. God is merciful, which is more than I can say about most. Aren’t you glad that it is God who makes the final judgement and not man? Sure what was done was wrong and I totally agree with a previous post that pride is the beginnig of destruction. However, Vick has done his time and has been given a second chance. I pray that he does not take it lightly and uses this opportunity to live his life “uncommonly”.

    I commend Mr. Dungy for reaching out to him and being uncommon himself by going against what many may consider an inappropriate or unwise decision. May the lives he touch continue to flourish and jumpstart a never ending chain of integrity, responsibility, and respect. God bless them both. Life: Take Two.

  • Spencer

    Just wanted to say I don’t care about Michael Vick, but I love you Tony. I don’t know what it is about you but I respect you so much. God bless you man!

  • Romeo

    Michael Vick “bank rolled” a team of trained fighting Pit Bulls that competed in the “National Dog Fighting League”. Michael did not create this, century’s old, under ground, league. Michael Vick was convicted of dog abuse for trained fighting Pit Bulls that did not win (NDFL protocol). Michael Vick was given a 2 year prison sentence and a lifetime of defamation.
    Bush created the “Iraq War”, tens of thousands of humans died; tens of thousands are maimed crippled for life.
    GET REAL!!!!

  • Aaron

    I could never cheer for your Colts, but Black America is privileged to have your wisdom, patience, and moral foundation on it’s side.

    Thanks again, Coach.

  • Joe M. of SC

    I guess the one making the comments from ” NFLhas no moral capacities says: ” feels he can “cast the first stone”.
    I’m sure that people making these kind of comments, would themshelves expect a 2nd chance if they happen to fall prey to the “Father of all lies”, and give into some other temptation! Of cousre none of us deserve the second chance, but because of grace & mercy, it is offered to all!
    I believe the comments of “Manuel Garr says:” ,” Shawn says: ” & ” Josh says: ” are right on, and I too support Mr. Dungy for his efforts.
    Also wish these people who what to get all worked up over animals being killed for sport, would use that same energy to fight for something a little more important, like stopping mom & dad’s form killing their babies, not for sport or money, but just out of selfishness, and just don’t want them. Talk about people not taking responsiblity for their own reckless actions!
    A quote maybe Vick would want to live by ans teach the young follower’s of him today “Walking life’s path in good company is a prerequisite to reaching the destination of our dreams”
    Mr. Vick, may you prove all you doubters wrong, and may God bless!

  • Debi

    Mr. Dungy,
    I have been a fan of NFL all my life, and a fan of yours for several years, I have had a lot of respect for you. I hope you aren’t disappointed by M. Vick, however, it is a well known fact that cruelty to animals in children is a huge sign of serious problems, M. Vick is an adult. I do not hate him, but I do hate what he has done. If any other person had acted as Mr. Vick has done, the whole world would be down on them. Rude gestures to fans…in a family setting, viciousness to animals…when he should have been the first line of protection for them, drug use. Bless you for trying to do the right thing but I will never watch NFL as long as he is playing, and I think all you people who say, ‘so what’ should be mortally ashamed. I do believe he has paid his debt to society but I do not think he deserves the adulation he is receiving. As far as second chances…I think he should get the same second chance the rest of the felons in America get. I am sick and tired of celebrities thumbing their nose at the laws of this country, and at decent God fearing behavior. I am saddened by this, and a little frightened by all the seemingly amoral people in this world, there are so many people who profess to feeling that Michael Vick running down the field is more important than the fact that he brutally killed 60 dogs because they didn’t perform up to expectation.

  • amwcons

    i think its great that coach Dungy is Vicks mentor thats what Vick may need.. Sometimes we all need someone in our lives like that.. But at the same time we all make wrong choices in life that we have to suffer the consequences for..and yes not all convicted felons get a second chance to continue there careers..Kudos to Mike Vick.. Now since Farve deciced to re retire maybe this will be an opportunity for Vick

  • Eric

    Coach Dungy,

    You are a great man. However, could your time be better served mentoring youth who weren’t given the same opportunity as Michael Vick?

  • Mary Thomas

    The young athletes of the poor rural South Florida communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee were very disappointed that Tony Dungy canceled tonight’s appearance at Glades Central High School. Many of our young men live and breathe football as our school’s records attest. The word given was that Coach Dungy couldn’t live up to his commitment to come speak tonight because he was going to meet with Michael Vick who he is now “mentoring.” Coach Dungy has broken the hearts of kids who were counting on hearing his message and who needed to hear it… all for the sake of one man who could have waited for his mentoring session until a day when the coach’s schedule was clear. I am disappointed. We expected and deserved better.

  • 13thmanbill

    There’s a special place upstairs reserved for you, Coach. Forgiveness is the core of our faith. Michael does need to be forgiven. He did bad things, but being forgiven is what is needed to help him start his life again and everyone deserves a second chance. What he does with it at that point will be his measure. I know for a fact, if he can call you a friend then he’s a very fortunate man. Uncommon is on my Coffee Table – Colleen (canderson55) gave it to me as a very special present. It’s signed. We do miss you. #13

  • canderson55

    Thanks coach for being a mentor to Michael. He did some really bad things but I am confident that with your help he can find the right path. We miss you on and in Indy in general.

  • ty

    “The young athletes of the poor rural South Florida communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee were very disappointed that Tony Dungy canceled tonight’s appearance at Glades Central High School. Many of our young men live and breathe football as our school’s records attest. The word given was that Coach Dungy couldn’t live up to his commitment to come speak tonight because he was going to meet with Michael Vick who he is now “mentoring.” Coach Dungy has broken the hearts of kids who were counting on hearing his message and who needed to hear it… all for the sake of one man who could have waited for his mentoring session until a day when the coach’s schedule was clear. I am disappointed. We expected and deserved better.”

    thanks coach for showing everyone your dedication to criminals and liars, nice mentoring to those kids showing them promises mean nothing, im sure they will never forget how you abandoned them congrats, hope the publicity and status of working with michael vick was worth it, ‘YAY’

  • Kyle B.

    Excuse me, Coach Dungy. After Jay Cutler demanded to be traded because he was lied to by his coach and team you ridiculed him for being immature and drew a deal of negative media attention towards him. This puzzles me that you would now be THE person that is going to try and sell Michael Vick to the NFL and more importantly, the NFL fans. Could you please explain why a man who stands up for himself and demands respect is childish, and a man who has murdered dogs and made money from dog fighting is one that you are going to help? Please do not reference God in your response. Thank you.

  • Michael

    Coach, thanks for remaining focused and steadfast. Not being (too) distracted, if at all, by society. I pray that you continue to rest in a place of peace that only God can provide He continues to use you for His glory.

  • Mark L

    Dear Coach

    What a big mistake for letting him back in the NFL
    Only GOD can judge but down here he is a low life in my book
    Let him take your dogs for a walk

  • Terry

    I appreciate your efforts to help people who have indicated they want help in changing, whether they are rich and famous or poor and unknown. Keep up the good work, Coach Dungy.

  • Cameron

    Coach, You are unbelievable. As disgusted as we all are by the dog fighting, you never give up hope and faith.
    I miss you so much already and its not even camp yet …. GO COLTS!!!!

  • Dante

    I respect your stance, and feel that you are a decent man. But I believe you are being duped by Vick. Vick cares nothing about what he did,only to regain his fame and popularity. I feel terrible for saying this,but I want Vick to play. Then maybe some linebacker can crush his spine into the turf. I also agree that Vicks actions with the dogs were not a mistake, he did that intentionally.

  • Tuesdae

    Coach Dungy,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to work with Mr. Vick. I have been praying for his salvation. I know that you will share the Lord Jesus with him.

    Also, please let Mr. Vick know that he has the prayers and support of many in the Christian community. I personally believe that the punishment did not fit the crime, but what is done is done and we cannot undo that.

    According to your post, Mr. Vick wants to be a good influence on his children. Please let him know that there is no better influence than a father who lives for the Lord.

  • Rebecca

    Thx coach for being a mentor to Michael….I belive in 2nd chance’s too…..And if anyone can lead Vick down the right road it could be your coach Dungy….Miss you on……Keep un updated on what’s up….Thx

  • Manuel Garr

    I’m encouraged by those who’ve offered their words of support and encouragement to both Michael Vick and Coach Dungy. But I’m also, truly saddened by the level of contempt and lack of compassion shown by others in this forum. Let’s put this into context:

    David, as in David and Bathsheba, was guilty of both murder and adultery. As punishment for his crime, the Lord allowed the child he conceived with Bathsheba to die. David, knowing he was guilty of both offenses, repented and asked God to forgive him (Psalms 51). The end result? God forgave him…and not only that, God RESTORED him!! God still considered David “…a man after his own heart”.

    Like David, Michael Vick was responsible for committing a very heinous crime. He has suffered severe consequences as a result of his crime. And now, like David, he is seeking to be restored. If the Lord, the creator of all things has the capacity to forgive, then why not us? Does forgiveness mean we discount or condone the crime? Absolutely not!! But what it does say is that inspite of the behaviour, with the Lord’s help, we have the ability to mature, grow and learn from our mistakes….even really big ones. Giving one room to be able to do that is what has allowed all of us, whether we choose to admit or not, to be where we are today. Had the Lord not forgiven you when you wronged somebody or did something that you KNOW was wrong, where would YOU be? Had you been condemned for the world to know the shame of your crime/shortcoming for the rest of your life, how would you feel? What would YOUR life look like?

    People…again, I say don’t make like too hard on anybody because whether you agree or not, it’s only been by the Lord’s grace (i.e. Forgiveness) that you aren’t in the same situation as Michael Vick. Do unto others, as you would like others to do unto you. Consider that next time before you pass judgement on someone else.

  • L

    Coach Dungy-

    You truly are a wonderful God fearing man that is such an amazing example to so many young men AND women out here of how to lead your life in a positive direction. Although I will miss you on the sidelines this year, the work you are doing far outweighs championships and winning games. Haters will always have things to say regarding what your doing..Michael Vick and everything else for that matter, pish posh to them!! I hope Michael gets another chance and shows people he’s still got it!!!

    Keep On Keepin’ On!!

    Lady L

  • John

    Coach Dungy —
    Though I have never rooted for your Colts — But I always had respect for you.

    Though I respect your decision to get involved — your creditability has gone right out the window. You have the gall to criticize someone like Jay Cutler who has never been involved with any criminal activity and then days later describe Michael Vick as a changed person who you will now counsel and take under your wing because you believe he is a good and changed man. How do you expect someone to evaluate your behavior? One could easily interpret your statements as a bias against whites. Racism cuts both ways.

    And for those who try to convince with writings from the gospel — no offense but I don’t share your belief. As far as I’m concerned this is a case of criminal acts – period.

    And for those who say – “I know Michael Vick. He’s a great person who did a bad thing.” Obviously you don’t know Michael Vick. What he did so far outweighs what virtually any player in the NFL has ever done (sans Larry Little and Donte Stallworth) and their situations, though criminal, did not have the one ingredient that makes Vick special: CRUELTY. What kind of a person enjoys exacting cruelty upon helpless creatures? That, Coach, is more indicative of his true nature. And yet you take the time to criticize a quarterback with no criminal record and defend someone who should have paid a much larger penalty. And you say that he deserves a second chance. WHO SAYS? YOU? There isn’t any law that says because you can play football that you get a second chance.

    And BTW – Vick only did his time on the criminal conviction – so those of you bashing Goodell right now are showing your complete lack of intelligence. Nowhere does it state that a player has the right to play football because he served time on a criminal act. The NFL has the right to suspend him forever if that’s the decision made. One has nothing to do with the other.

    And for those who say “It’s just dogs” – I can only hope that at some point you are tied to a post and dogs tear you to pieces.

  • Gavin K

    “…and let that player know that he wasn’t going to be treated like everyone else. He wouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt, and his behavior would have to be above reproach.”

    AMEN to that! We owe it to eachother to demand excellence, and to hold eachother to a higher standard.

  • Sam S

    Dear Coach Dungy,

    You have always been an amazing inspiration and a person I have admired for being upright and honest. I first learned about you when you were announced as the head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a time the franchise was a mess although a few (very few) pieces had started to be put together by your predicessor, Sam Wyche. Through your leadership, positive thinking, and outright intolerence for craziness, you set the franchise in order. You then went on to Indianpolis where you had even greater success.

    I am great believer in second chances for the most part. I believe that Michael Vick deserves a second chance, and I am glad he is getting to experience your leadership in trying to find the right path. Whether or not he gets to play in the NFL again as a starter is a question, but if he lives his life in a better manner and is a positive contibutier to society, he is a winner in my book.

    Sam S

  • bob migs

    Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Gospels
    They crucified the Lord of Glory. Acts

    If God can forgive those who crucified our Lord I am quite sure that the Lord can forgive Michael Vick. Michael Vick also paid the civil penalty for his crime. He has paid it in full. He should be restored to fellowship and to his former life if they would have him. It appears the NFL would have him. I am glad to see a man pay his debt and be restored. Praise be the Father of Mercies.

  • Charles

    Coach Dungy,

    You are to be commended for your heart felt support for guiding young mens lives such as M. Vick. My only regret is that my son Hugh didn’t get the opportunity to play for you or get to know you as a mentor/friend. But who knows what the future holds. Keep doing what you are doing. You are truly an inspiration for us all! May M. Vick and others grow to see through your eyes and lead by your example.

    Have a splendid day!


  • Leroy H. Mason

    I must say that Coach Dungy is truly a great person. That is what Michael Vick needs something that he never had in his life, a father figure. It is truly a gift of grace that he has another chance. Regardless of what people say or think the constant fact that will not change is that Vick paid his debt to society. I think that it is time to forgive and move on from this situation. We cannot hold grudges or hold on to Vick’s past actions and want to see more punishment for what he has done. I really believe that with Coach Dungy’s mentoring Vick will be just fine. Keep your head up Vick and God Bless Coach Dungy.

  • fyy

    the constant fact that will not change is that Vick used his postion and money from th NFL to fund and operate a dog fighting operation that led to horrible acts of cruelty he should not be trusted with that postion again, he does not deserve it, the NFL has no standards anymore if you can run fast, catch a ball all will be forgiven you could be a serial killer and the NFL would welcome you with open arms

  • Joe M. of SC

    Comments from ” Manuel Garr says:” are so right on track! Those who who judge Vick so harshly, need to read those comments from Manuel

  • D

    Vick deserves another chance, If you can give a slap on the hand basicly to a team/organization that was caught red handed cheating, violating etc… (should’ve been stripped of a superbowl title). You can give a young man who made a mistake a 2nd chance.

  • fyy

    People that have been supporting the NFL for their whole life, for generations, and sticking with their teams through tough seasons, all the losses, buying season tickets every year (which have routinely gone up). Average NFL fan is not rich they spend what little extra money they have to support their team, go to games. These people have every right in the world to judge the NFL for allowing a CONVICTED FELON back into the league. They have everyright to judge michael Vick, he begged to re enter the NFL therefore putting himself back into the spotlight. After supporting the NFL for a lifetime to see them let a individual like michael vick back inot the NFL it is every fans right who has ever bought a jersey, bought tickets to a game to speak up against allowing this cruel and inhumane individual back into the NFL. poeple that enjoy hurting animals dont stop there.

  • Bob Jones

    Surprised how many in this forum support Vick.

    It just goes to prove once again in the NFL you can go out and commit a crime and they will take you back and make millions !!!


  • Kelly Anderson

    Sorry Coach, love you, don’t love your boy Vick. I’m with Give Me A Break on this one. Any adult who could profit from the abuse, torture and murder of hundreds of innocent dogs is SICK and doesn’t deserve anything from me. I hope no team accepts him, frankly. Personally, I will not support ANY team he plays on, I will turn off any of that teams’ games, and I will refuse to allow my children to watch him, idolize him, wear his jersey or buy his shoes, should he ever have a shoe line again. And this is coming from an ex-football coach and RABID football fan. I urge other dog lovers to boycott ANY TEAM THAT SIGNS MICHAEL VICK!

  • rebardan

    Isn’t amazing how the act of Forgiveness and Mercy can stir up those that find it so difficult to do.
    Unforgiveness leads to a slow cruel death and is no different than cruelty to animals or disrepect of all life.

    Coach, I give glory to the One whom we serve, for your step of faith to come along side Mike.
    If the story of your cancellation at the South Florida school is true, I hope you pay them back 10 fold.

  • Phillip

    Where is the coverage of Ben Roethlisberger raping someone?

  • AC


    Jesus has stooped and wrote on the ground…Go and sin no more.

    You’ve made your mistake, done your time, now use the Bible as your playbook and Jesus as your Head Coach and PROVE THEM WRONG!!!

    PS. In GOD’s Eyes, sin is sin, whether it is dog fighting or fornication. So, Mr. Goodell, unless you are going to start suspending the remainder of the league for their sinful behavior, why don’t you ease up on Mike. The mistakes he made had nothing to do with football.

  • Disappointed in NFL

    Wow, I am shocked that the NFL commish passed the buck onto the teams to decide Vick’s career – Mr Goodell is lacking in leadership. I am surprised at how many are rallying in support of Vick’s career. Let’s keep this within perspecitve folks. Mr Dungy, it appears to me that your intentions were to guide another person to make the right decisions about his life. I have no issue with that, it is a personal endeavor and an act of goodness. However, you are not just doing that! You are putting your stamp of approval on Vick and using your notoriety with the purpose of regaining his career. This is wrong plain and simple. Most of us would have lost our job never to return if we were in Vick’s same circumstance – rightfully so. I cannot commend your actions to help a sicko like Vick get reinstated into the NFL. As a father I have to teach my children to have a moral compass. That is the single best contribution I can make in society – to raise my children to be good human beings. How am I suppose to explain Vicks actions to them while he is allowed to be in a position of wealth, power and fame? How do we teach our kids how to make the right decisions the first time around when we have this as an example? I am very disappointed in Mr Goodell and Dungy for their poor decisions. I will boycott wherever Vick goes and the sponsors of those who support him.

  • just human

    What Coach Dungy is doing is trying to help a young man who made a mistake get his life on the right path. Michael Vick made a mistake, regardless of whatever degree people want to put on it. If your child made a mistake would you want him/her to have to forever be judged by that mistake or to not be given another chance when they see the error in their ways? Most of us have never had 18 straight months of reflection and regret when we mess up. The greatest act Michael can do is to be successful and show that it is possible for people to turn their life around.

  • Michael and Julia

    Coach, we have always admired you and the way you are handling Mr. Vick’s reinstatement is exceptional! Our Savior said he who has not sinned should cast the first stone…Let Michael show the world that he has accepted his bad decisions and is trying to be a good man…Good Luck Michael, we are praying for you

  • Carpentry is a good profession

    Let me pose a rhetorical question for you Vick fans. Would you let your child be taught in school by a convicted sex offender? There are statistics on repeat offenders that should not be ignored.

    I am a person of faith, but God also gave me the abilities to make choices about my life and for those whom I care. I am very secure about my salvation. I am far less certain about people of questionable character like Vick. I hope for his family’s sake that he becomes a good man. I truly pray that he makes this leap of faith in his life and his actions. However, he needs to be held accountable for his abuse of power. There are many other honorable ways to make a living and if he truly has salvaged his relationship with God and his family noone shall judge him differently whether he be a carpenter or a quarterback.

  • Septic tank technician is a good fit for vick

    For those her who say ” they are just dog!” and “stop treating dogs like children!” I say “its just a game!” These halfwits get paid millions to play a child’s game. You idiots cant find someone who cant throw a ball or run while holding one and can manage to not commit felonies? Were losers once again it’s a a child’ s game and a boring mindless one at that! 20 seconds of play and 10 minutes of commercials and commentary. And Dog lovers are “losers”? We need to get a life? your the ones so obsessed with a bunch of idiots who play with balls for a living your willing to excuse their crimes and pay them millions.

    Michael should have another chance, the same chance every other convicted felon gets, there’s plenty of labor jobs and McDonald’s always seems to be hiring maybe he could work his way up to shift manager if he can stay out of prison.

    Vick was lucky to get the chance he did and he blew it with his arrogance. He lied to the Falcons the NFL and the judge. He did illegal drugs while under the judges orders not to and got caught. His apologies and “remorse” have clearly only been for what he lost and the damage he did to himself and his family. He has never once apologized or shown any remorse for his brutal and cruel acts. The signs of a true sociopath. Check this link-> Sounds like Vick to me.

    If you are all so concerned about “second chances” why are you not fighting to reinstate the rights of all convicted felons? Call your congress men and ask for a bill to allow them to vote again, and have their criminal records sealed so they can get a job without a background check. Do you really care about second chances or just about Vick?

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  • Elizabeth Reese

    I am distressed that Michael Vick was reinstated and shocked that someone of Mr. Dungy”s good character is supporting him. We need hard data from a sophisticated psychological evaluation, done by a top professional, that Mr. Vick’s extreme sense of entitlement will really be ameliorated by making a special exception for him. He is at high risk to reoffend and I see no data that says otherwise. There is no indication of his really getting serious treatment. People who abuse animals prey on all other vulnerable beings-children, women,handicapped,minorities. Vick is a ticking time bomb and Goodell and the NFL are making a hugh mistake. Their message is the wrong one. mental health clinician

  • preppy is shocked

    I believe that everyone has a right to be outraged. But I feel that everyone who has an unforgiving mindset here proves Jesus correct. Remember in the bible, where Jesus points out the two people the pharisee and the repentant man….The pharisee prayed a prayer like ”God, thank you that I am not a bad sinner/person like other people,” and then you had the other person, who prayed ”God be merciful to me, sinner!” Jesus said that the latter was more justified than the first. Many of those in here are murderers at heart. If you are a human, the next man is your brother. Black or white! And the bible says he who hates his brother is a murderer. If Michael Vick were to truly repent, he would stand before God more justfied than everyone here who feels contrary. And that is what the bible says. I feel that everyone in this forum is a sinner, and has done and thought things worthy of punishment numerous times….but the law hasn’t caught you yet, so the whole world doesent know of it, but God does. And hey, maybe this was Mike’s wake up call, and the only way the Lord could reach him. Many of us get spanked by God all the time and still refuse to accept rebuke as a father disciplines his own. I know God spanks me all the time in various ways to help me to follow him more steadily… I guess everyone on this blog is perfect….except me….and michael vick that is LOL….

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  • John Snyder

    Had Mr. Vick only operated an abortion clinic where young black girls could destroy their fetuses, he would most certainly
    become a heroe to all of those white liberals who deride him now

  • Dominic Hersh

    Tony – you’re a good guy, but you’re being taken for a ride by this guy. I live in Atlanta, and remember multiple occasions on which Vick expressed “sincere remorse,” promised to change his ways, change his peer group, etc. (the Ron Mexico herpes incident, the pot in the water bottle at the airport incident, etc.). And most recently – that we know of, at least – at the beginning of the dogfighting debacle, he Roger Goodell in the eye and “sincerely” said that he had had no knowledge of the dogfighting on his property and had not been involved. The guy is a bum.

    And for those who will say I am just a racist or a Vick-hater, or whatever, I am a former Falcons season ticket holder – but the only years I ever bought season tickets were those when Vick was QB. I was a fan of his at VA Tech, was thrilled when the Falcons brought him to town (I even bought season tickets the year he broke his leg in the preseason game and I had to watch Doug Johnson bumbling around on the field all season).

    I know it’s the American way to forgive and forget – and the story of a truly repentant sports hero is somewhat attractive. But until this guy really, REALLY proves that he’s undergone a fundamental change – and I mean by doing more than trotting out the same old, tired promises of change, I sincerely think that you and anyone else jumping on Vick’s bandwagon are putting their own reputations on the line. Unnecessarily.

    I wish you and Mike Vick the best, truly. But I cringe to see you associate your name with this guy so publicly.

    Good luck,

    Dom Hersh

  • Rodney Manning

    For all the people that are trying to keep this man down by not wanting him to have another chance all I want to say is “Let he or her who have never sinned cast the first stone. People get a grip this man has served his time for what he did. I don’t condemn what he did, but I will not be the one to judge him and neither should any of you.

  • David

    Coach Dungy:
    Please extend to Michael Vick my sincerest encouragement for his success in rebuilding his life, especially his relationships. Since the quality of our lives depend on the quality of our relationships, I hope he is extremely successful in this regard, and can put all of this behind him. We need to remember that we ALL sin, and ALL fall short of God’s perfection: we don’t all sin alike, but all alike have sinned. Since the media erect heroes (especially sports heroes) for the sole purpose of tearing them down, I believe it’s our obligation as Christians help the ones that fall as much as we can. I’m so glad you are lending this support in an encouraging manner without judgement and condescension. We all need to remember that we all are just one prideful moment away from a fall ourselves…

    In Christ,

  • MAPS

    Mr. Dungy,

    I would like to recommend the book, “Finding Your Way with MAPS: Developing Good Athletes” to Michael. The book was written to help athletes of all ages develop into good athletes that perform well both on and off the field. It can be used by athletes that have gotten into trouble as a tool to help them navigate around and through life’s pitfalls. It takes a tough love approach at dealing with the situations most athletes today are facing. It is a resource only – but in the right hands it can assist the athlete with reaching his/her destination.

    God Bless

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Mr. Dungy,

    You have convinced me that everyone involved in the NFL is truly corrupt, regadless of the posture you take in the media. Your support of Vick’s return to the NFL is a signpost that you are as phony as those billionaire owners crying on TV for city tax money to build their ego-palaces. A man a of TRUE character would stand up for the kids who tune in on Sunday, and the working men and women who finance the league with their hard earned pay, instead you take the part of a gangster whose organization murdered a witness to Vick’s crimes. You are now on the side of the Gotti’s the Gambino’s, the street-corner dealer in death, rather than on the side of what is right,

    No one denies that Mr. Vick has paid for his crimes, but he should seek his living outside the privileged environment of the NFL. There are groceries that need bagging in the world, and a man a Vick’s character should be bagging them, instead of showing every kid in America that the wages of sin, cruelty, and crime are universal acclimation, million-dollar contracts, and maybe Super Bowl Rings. Congratulations, Coach. You are now one of the people responsible for the obscene thuggery our hero-celeb worship culture is producing. You are one of those responsible every time a shot is fired by one of these “stars”, every time one of them leaves the club drunk and runs over a family man, every time one of them commits a rape behind closed doors, YOU TONY DUNGY are partly responsible beacuse of your support for this gangster piece of trash. You are a phony.

    NO decent person should tune in to watch a league that accepts Michael Vick as a player, or Tony Dungy as an authority of anything. Spend your money on your kids, your family, your values. Don’t accept the morality-free values of Dungy, Al Davis, Jerry Jones, Michael Vick, Leonard Little, Plaxico Burris, and OJ Simpson. They are all the same. Thugs with a jersey, mike, or stadium. Let them eat gravel, I say.

  • Jim

    Wow. Such passion on both sides.

    While I believe that every one deserves a second chance, I don’t believe that the second chance means full reinstatement of one’s life before the mistake. A second chance means working to redeem yourself, to make something good out of your life.

    I’m sure coach Dungy believes that if Michael Vick’s second chance involves a triumphant return to the NFL, and achieves superstar status, his story will help spread the Good Word. He can show the world that family comes first. He can show the world that a Higher Power can guide us all to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

    But I submit that this scenario is a fallacy. If Vick does get huge success in the NFL, the world will forget the truly heinous acts he did–what a tragedy for the world. Or worse, Vick stumbles and commits some other act at some point, at which point the world will lose some faith in the Higher Power. I don’t see this ending well.

    The best plan would have involved Vick going quietly, humbly, into some kind of not-for-profit service to others. And Coach Dungy would hopefully still provide counsel just as much as he is giving now.

  • Tuesdae

    Per John:
    “And for those who say “It’s just dogs” – I can only hope that at some point you are tied to a post and dogs tear you to pieces.”


    There, John, I said it. I do not have the same compassion for dogs as I do for humans. I would never hurt a dog on purpose, but I would never take away the livelihood of someone who did. People have responsiblities to other people…not to animals. People have feelings and needs and desires and hopes and dreams…animals don’t. People have a spirit that can be reborn to transform their lives into something useful and honorable…an animal does not have a spirit; it is what it is, and when it dies, it is dead forever. End of story.

    As far as Goodell goes, he has absolutely too much power in exacting some of the punishment that he dishes out. Was he justified in suspending a player for an entire season when said player was involved in a melee that resulted in a young woman’s injury and another person’s paralysis? YES! Why? Because those crimes were against PEOPLE! Is he justified in suspending Mr. Vick after he has already spent 23 months in Leavenworth (LEAVENWORTH, for crying out loud!!!) for crimes, not against PEOPLE, but against dogs? Absolutely not. He just wanted to be able to flex his NFL muscle and let Mr. Vick know (and remind himself), that he is still the head honcho. Had nothing to do with rehabilitating a player or anything like that.

    Furthermore, John, you need to realize where Michael Vick comes from. In a place like Newport News, this kind of thing is not unusual. Vick is not the only one in Newport News or Virginia or the US who was fighting dogs. I am from the south, and I know it exists. I have never been nor would I ever be a part of it, but I know persons who think that there is nothing really wrong with dogfighting. I mean, it isn’t much different from dog racing or horse racing if you ask me. It could all be construed as cruelty. I haven’t heard anyone bashing the horseracers who bring in all that money at the track. We saw last year and earlier this year what happens to the horses after they have raced so long. They get hurt and they have to be euthanized. I don’t hear you screaming about that John! So before you bash Mr. Vick and sentence him to prison for life for something like dogfighting, take a moment to think.

    Thanks again Mr. Dungy, for what you are doing for Mr. Vick. Please do not be discouraged by the naysayers.

  • Milagros From Cuba

    Hi Tony..Milagros again:

    As a dog owner for most of my life. Mr Vicks behaviour was disgusting. However, where the Peta groups and thier supporters are correct concerning dogs rights etc i disagree with what they have proposed should take place. AND! i disagree with all haters here.

    There seems to be a bunch of people of another culture ( boys and gurls) who are also dog lovers who are screaming for more blood, and this is not acceptable.
    First, Mr Vick..YES! MR! (because he is a man) deserves the same as consideration as others who have done far worse.. IE Corp US army Lindy TPT England from West VA
    The idea of brain scans as recommended by Peta is an insult and one that is beyond RACISM.
    RACISM” because there are cetain cultures that just cannot deal with the possibility that Mr Vick, will make more money that they do AGAIN!! and possibly get to play and do better. it seems as if the humiliation must continue with impunity. Get over it for goodness sake, because all of you phonies will be the first ones to beat your chests once he starts to make touchdowns..

    i am someone who calls it like it is, and this is overt hate and foul play. Mr Vick went to the FED penetentiary, he was crap shave and bath with ordinary criminals, he was not able to look his loved ones in the eye based on shame and repentence, he lost millions and his own dignity..What else to some want ..the return of slavery?
    I do not expect anything other than fair the crime do the time, this is not 1868-1902, when African americans were returned to slavery by racism and foul play.

    Lindy England and her boys took an oath, joined the US military went to Iraq, captured, tortured, raped assualted and maybe even killed Iraqis being held at Abu grab prison.. She went to prison came home and has a job..None asked her to take a brain scan..and they should have (GOV dropped ball) because that racist viol the UCCMJ and abused the helpless.Now before anyone defends that ding bat remember she took and oath. Mr Vick took no oath..he violated the law and paid big time..

    My suggestion..get off your high chair ..that dog don’t hunt..Get real if anyone needs a check its those who hurt humans, and did so under oath

    PS All of those who want to know my politics..Google me..i am a former Judge, and practicing Atty.. from Cuba

  • Milagros From Cuba

    Ted Tatosian:

    Please get your facts right. The yrs are wrong and African Americans have always owned Dogs..As for educ we have it and still catch heck from TPT like u Ask Prof Gates. My suggestion is that u go find some educ and facts..cus my man that dog don’t hunt.

    PS how would u know about fear of dogs unless you have been sicing dogs on people? huh?

  • The Elector of Saxony

    So, Milagros, your entire argument is “Someone in the US Military did something you consider to be worse, and you people who hold other opinions are haters(whatever that means) and racists. Vick did his time, his reward is that he gets out of jail. He does not have a right under any interpretation of the US law to be reinstated to his former job. Perhaps he can bus tables, or work at a grocery store, like most felons have to.

  • fg

    if you really think that Lindy England and her friends did those things without her superiors knowledge you are a moron, her superiors had full knowledge of the situation and encouraged them to do that, you should be asking why they were made scapegoats.

    but on to michael vick, you made a perfect argument against yourself. the army does not take back criminals into their ranks, people may break the law in the military but they are not welcomed back, so with your logic michael vick shouldnt have been reinstated to his former position of wealth and power and prestige,

    not everything is about race, michael vick broke the law and did horrible acts of cruelty, many people that have been suporting the nfl for a lifetime are animal lovers they have every right to not want this person back into the league. Life of all levels should be respected, dogs feel pain and have emotions if you do not believe that you are a sad example of human race, you said your from cuba, do you think in cuba someone like michael vick would be given this second chance, what happens to people that break the law in cuba, dont preach about injsutice in this country you have no right to

  • to Tuesdae

    Your comments only go to prove how truly soulless people like yourself and Vick are. Obviously you’ve never spent much time around dogs if you think they have no feelings, needs, desires and dreams. I pity people like your self and Vick that don’t know the the love of a good dog. Your life must truly be very empty to make such hateful commentary about animals that only want human approval and care. I can forgive Vick, I know my dogs would. But I don’t think he deserves the privledge of playing in the NFL again. But that decision is not mine to make it is up to a team that will sign him. I will however boycott the NFL and any team he plays for as is my right.

    It amazes me that people get so excited about these sports figures anyway. They play a game for a living, they are entertainers, they contribute nothing real to help society. You compare Vick’s actions to those of soldiers? Soldiers have real jobs that make a difference, and the moral dilemmas they face are far more difficult that anything Vick has ever had to deal with. As a Veteran I find it disgusting that anyone would even dare compare soldiers to this ball throwing criminal.

  • Jack B

    I can understand giving Michael a chance being that he has served his time. However, it is incomprehensible for me to understand why he would participate in the “torture killing” of under performing dogs. Although I don’t agree, if he thought it necessary to kill the dog(s) why not a quick shot to the head. The torture killing really bothers me. Hopefully God will resolve with Michael whatever urges he had for this behavior.

  • Milagros GV

    To FG> your statement?
    not everything is about race, michael vick broke the law and did horrible acts of cruelty, many people that have been suporting the nfl for a lifetime are animal lovers they have every right to not want this person back into the league. Life of all levels should be respected, dogs feel pain and have emotions if you do not believe that you are a sad example of human race, you said your from cuba, do you think in cuba someone like michael vick would be given this second chance, what happens to people that break the law in cuba, dont preach about injsutice in this country you have no right to


    Yes i do know that in CUBA Mr Vick would be given a second chance because its not always about how much blood one can get vs how much HUMANS (those who are) can temper justice with mercy..

    You see FG your thinking is irrational, now u blame Cuba for my statements trying to reverse the point and blame me..All i did was come with another contradiction put out by the white rascist peta org… Now FG i never called u a whats up, can’t handle disagreements?? LMAO its the usual cannot handle the support of Mr Vick so u bash the messenger or in my case the opponent.

    FG i am a serious debater, i love my ability to set up a valid point of view and i have the skill to make people think. In your rambling statement..if u read my former piece i also love dogs, el perro is my best friend after my family and i believe Mr Vick made a serious error in judgement and it was obvious that during those times even as the highest paid FB player he was greedy and did not know..or did not care?

    However back to you and mi KUBA!! LMAO as for not preaching injustice in this country and having no right..what is with that..of course i have a right i am a world citizen, and this country would not be what it is without my black ancestors blood, sweat tears, and hard work….NO!! pops you have no right, to tell me that i have no right. first amendment gives me the right..dude get real.. so STOP UR WHINING BOY!!

  • Milagros GV

    Next, i am chomping at the bit. However i will be in Cuba for about 15 days starting 8/7 will be back and in form as usual
    Tony i taled to Glen Edwards yesterday he will also be posing here.He agrees with you and I! YES!! two for the VICK!@@

  • Charles-West Texas

    I think Vick should be given another chance to play in the NFL. I have and love dogs very much and was appalled when I heard of what he was doing but I am also a Christian and believe in forgivness and believe when it comes to casting that first stone, I could not do it, after all he who is sinless is the only one can.
    Coach Dungy:
    I was really concerned about whether Vick could make it or not. With you as a mentor and counselor he will make it. I know where you will lead him.

  • The Elector of Saxony


    if you child’s teacher is convicted of rape, will you forgive him enough to allow him to teach your daughters again? How about a scoutmaster who molests your son? Gonna send him on a camping trip with your boy once he is out of the slammer? Doubtful.

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  • JG Tucker

    Somehow we are missing the primary point of Michael Vick’s crime. It has been shown repeatedly that those who have no sense of cruelty to animals become future perpetrators of cruelty to a child, woman or “90 lb weakling” unable to defend themselves. We are willing to give Vick another chance because he might show a glimmer of his talent should he play for our favorite team. I am a big Tony Dungy fan, but am disappointed that he has chosen such an undeserving candidate for his support. There are kids on the street more deserving.

  • Jay

    I find it very hard to believe all the negative items in these posts. I would go out on a limb and say that most people are here because they claim to be christians. Well unless my Bible is differnt to everybody elses, I thought that we were supposed to forgive and let people carry on with their lives if they can. There are tons and tons of stories in the Bible that show some of the most God fearing people in the bible have had terrible, terrible sins, and still did great things for God’s Kingdome.

    Wow – Caoch Dungy, I have followed what you do since I was a teenager, and I respect you for mentoring Michael.

    I am so thankful that I will be judged by a loving yet honest God and not by people who believe your life should be pretty much over because you are a felon. I am not a felon, but have done quite a few things I am ashamed of before receiving Christ, and have even back slidden a few times, but man how wonderous it is that God can forgive us, but we just can not seem to forgive eachother.

  • Kathie AKA ImagineSolace

    I believe I have to address the dog fighting issue once again because it is necessary. Many mentioned its over, he did his time, let it be, but the one thing nobody realizes is, we in the animal world have watched the apology video more than once. The difference between Vick and a regular Joe is he has money and money brings advisers. His advisers let him know what to say and in what order. People here mentioned his family and what they had been through and yet, the first person he mentioned in his apology was Goodell. Why do you think that was? He went on then and mentioned his apology to all the children for his “immature acts” and what he did was immature. Spitting on a classmate is an immature act. This was not immature it was a felony crime and complete cruelty. That is what he needed to let any person, but especially the younger generation who looked up to him realize. In the 4 minute and 29 second apology he touched on Goodell and anything football first, the kids, then said dogfighting is wrong, took full responsibility, found Jesus, took responsibility again, bang out the door. Nothing about family, and not one word about the cruelty he put those dogs through. Sorry, I don’t care if he isn’t a “public speaker” as he said, he did say it had to come from the heart and none of us heard any remorse in that apology. Go to youtube and listen to it with your eyes closed. and tell me where the remorse was. He was just worried about having a job when he got out. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Deb from Indy

    Mr. Dungy, I thought a lot of you when you coached for the Indianapolis Colts, but to think you see nothing wrong with what Vick has done in the past, I am appalled. He has not changed, he is an animal abuser, and should never be allowed in the NFL again.

  • Melissa in MN

    I cannot even believe this blog. Michael Vick is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He is a murderer plain and simple. And he murdered innocent animals that could not fight back. He drowned, electrocuted, and hung animals for his own amusement and he should never be allowed to play again. He knew what he was doing was wrong, his only remorse is at the fact he was caught. What kind of individual can do what he did? I will tell you, a sick, demented person that frankly should never be allowed to live in a civilized society again.

    He had a chance to be a positive role-model to many inner city youth that looked up to him, but he ruined that. Why because he is selfish and thought he was untouchable. One of the fastest growing segments of society are animal lovers. People spend thousands of dollars on their animals. I hope all those individuals boycott whatever team allows him to play for them.

  • Cat from NC

    I appreciate that someone is working with Vick to get his life back on track. I find what Vick did reprehensible. He is a disgrace. While I don’t begrudge him “getting on with his life” I also think we need to recognize that those who support this man seem to have no problem with what he has done. I have hear “it’s just a dog” so many times out of people who want to “let this go.”

    So, here’s what “letting this go” entails.

    1) You are holding a convicted felon up as a hero to kids.

    2) You are condoning this hideous act as “not a big deal.” Perhaps you should look at the research that connects brutality towards animals with future actions against people. Will it be “not a big deal” when Vick rapes or brutalizes a person? A child?

    3) You are telling others that if they participate in this “sport” it won’t be a big deal either. Somehow I don’t think anyone will be standing at the prison gates waiting to give THEM another chance. They will be treated like the pariahs that they are as convicted felons — worthless drags on the resources of society.

    Vick has shown no remorse for what he has done because he sees nothing wrong with what he has done. He is a sociopath in the flesh. Those who think this is not a big deal, are the same people who would probably watch a dog fight if given the chance, because they see nothing wrong with it either. For those who say that this isn’t about race, I think indeed it is. Each race has a way to dominate and perpetuate cruelty toward animals — dogfighting is an accepted form of animal cruelty in the African American community. A way to express frustration by watching the pain of those less powerful. It doesn’t surprise me to see so many here (including Dungy) not having a problem with what Vick did. African Americans in general are not known for their love of animals. Every time I see a young black man with a pitbull, I know what that dog is in for — and it disgusts me.

    Vick just got caught.

  • R Douglas

    Have any of you ever lied? Have you ever downloaded music you didn’t own? Have you ever willingly driven faster than the posted speed limit or had a couple drinks before heading out somewhere in the car?

    So let’s base whether or not we are technically liars or criminals on the committal of the act, not whether or not we got caught.

    At this point, I would assume most of us without visible wings and halos could be put into the category of liar or criminal for at least one or two past discretions.

    So now we’re in the same boat here, meaning we’ve all done wrong in our lives. So the next question, is how do we decide who is deserving of a second chance and who isn’t?

    When it comes to getting a second chance in society…the public and our state and national lawmakers make that determination. When it comes to getting a second chance in the NFL…the league’s commissioner, player’s association and sponsor’s make that determination.
    When it comes to getting a second chance at true life…only God get’s to make that decision.

    The only decision Tony Dungy makes, is whether or not he’s willing to risk his public reputation by associating himself with the rehabilitation of Michael Vick. Tony Dungy is taking a risk to help a young man make the most of the second chance he was given by God, the NFL and the government.

    If we’re judging Michael Vick based on God’s moral code….we shouldn’t be. He is very clear that our job is not to judge others, but love them through sin as God does for us. In this case, we’re sinners as Vick is a sinner and we all need God’s forgiveness.

    If we’re judging him based on our own moral standards (relativity), then we have to allow everyone to do the same, including Michael Vick. Killing an innocent animal may not be as horrendous an action in his mind (sport hunter’s mentality), but he may see stealing as a bigger issue than you or I.

    Most of us who weren’t perfect human beings our entire lives have been one (or more than one) dumb mistake away from losing significant money, reputation, relationships, rights or even our very lives.

    Some of you would rather Michael Vick work at a grocery store than pursue his chance at redemption and turn his life around. You don’t care if Michael Vick is a free man, but you want him to bag groceries?….Sounds like jealousy to me. Other ex-cons are typically bagging groceries because that’s the only job they’re capable of, not because they can’t legally use their skills to make the best living possible.

    Tony is not “supporting” Michael Vick’s dumb decisions. He’s not supporting dog fighting or criminal behavior. Tony Dungy is risking all of your negative opinions to do what he knows is right. That is to try and help a man who (as many of you have pointed) desperately needs it. He’s not looking at “Vick the dogfighter”, anymore than he’d be looking at you as “____ the liar”, or “____ the porn addict”, or “____ the drunk driver”, or “____ the promiscuous”, or “____ the poor leader”, or “____ the music stealer”.

    Thank God that Tony lives his life by what he knows to be right, regardless of what some of you think. Instead of turning his nose up at the people who need help the most, Tony sticks himself out there to mentor and guide young men in lives beyond football.

    What kind of respect would you have for Tony Dungy if he turned away from helping someone in need to protect his own public reputation?

    What are you doing to improve your community and world that’s so worthy judging a man like Tony?

  • R Douglas

    Where do I begin, Cat?

    “Cat from NC says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    I appreciate that someone is working with Vick to get his life back on track. I find what Vick did reprehensible. He is a disgrace. While I don’t begrudge him “getting on with his life” I also think we need to recognize that those who support this man seem to have no problem with what he has done. I have hear “it’s just a dog” so many times out of people who want to “let this go.””

    Letting a free man get on with his life and try to make the most of his redemptive opportunities….is not supporting what he has done. Supporting Clinton is not the same as supporting adultery. Supporting Bush is not the same as supporting war. Is letting you live your life the same as supporting any mistakes you’ve made in your past?


    “1) You are holding a convicted felon up as a hero to kids.”

    No we’re not. That’s a parents job to teach their kids about role models. If a parent doesn’t know about their kids heroes, maybe they should spend more time with their children and monitoring their core interests.

    “2) You are condoning this hideous act as “not a big deal.” Perhaps you should look at the research that connects brutality towards animals with future actions against people. Will it be “not a big deal” when Vick rapes or brutalizes a person? A child?”

    So how do you feel about hunting for sport? You know, where you kill an innocent animal outside of the need for survival. Are hunters who aren’t phased by killing innocent animals for fun/adventure/excitement all going to be serial rapists? The bottom line is, we can’t hold Vick accountable for crimes he hasn’t done. Could you commit a violent crime against someone that killed one of your children intentionally? Most of us have the ‘potential’ to be criminals. In the right situation, that includes you too. We can’t hold you down because of something you ‘could’ do.

    “3) You are telling others that if they participate in this “sport” it won’t be a big deal either. Somehow I don’t think anyone will be standing at the prison gates waiting to give THEM another chance. They will be treated like the pariahs that they are as convicted felons — worthless drags on the resources of society.”

    You sound like the type of person who feels like you’re better than people. That your life and soul are somehow more valuable than that of the next person. “worthless drags” are typically the people who have had it worse than you could ever imagine.

    “Vick has shown no remorse for what he has done because he sees nothing wrong with what he has done. He is a sociopath in the flesh. Those who think this is not a big deal, are the same people who would probably watch a dog fight if given the chance, because they see nothing wrong with it either. For those who say that this isn’t about race, I think indeed it is. Each race has a way to dominate and perpetuate cruelty toward animals — dogfighting is an accepted form of animal cruelty in the African American community. A way to express frustration by watching the pain of those less powerful. It doesn’t surprise me to see so many here (including Dungy) not having a problem with what Vick did. African Americans in general are not known for their love of animals. Every time I see a young black man with a pitbull, I know what that dog is in for — and it disgusts me.

    Vick just got caught.”

    Dogs have been the unwitting victims of exploitation for blood sports since ancient Roman times when they fought against other animals in the Coliseum. The practice of pitting dogs against other animals, such as bulls and bears, continued through medieval times in England until it was outlawed in 1835 by the Parliament in the Humane Act of 1835. Around that time, the Staffordshire Bull terrier was developed and modern dog-fighting was born. The dog was brought to America in 1817 and dogfighting became part of American culture.[7] The “sport” was endorsed by the United Kennel Club, which actually formulated rules and sanctioned referees. Although dogfighting had become illegal in most states by the 1860’s, it continued to flourish as an American pastime through the early twentieth century.[8] It was so popular in fact that in 1881 the Ohio and Mississippi railroads advertised special fares to a dog-fight in Louisville between Lloyd’s Pilot, owned by ‘Cockney Charlie’ Lloyd and Crib, owned by Louis Krieger.[9] Public forums such as Kit Burns’ Tavern, “The Sportsman’s Hall” at 273 Water Street in Manhattan, regularly hosted matches[10] and the sadistic culture became immortalized in the annals of American history[11] and folklore.[12] By the 1930’s and 1940’s, the blood sport had been driven further underground as high profile organizations such as the United Kennel Club withdrew their endorsement.

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your speculative history from, but African Americans did not invent or import dog fighting. Dog fighting, also known as “A way to express frustration by watching the pain of those less powerful”…was started by Romans (Caucasians), grown to popularity by the English (Caucasians), brought to America and continued through the mid-1900’s (African Americans didn’t own themselves through much of this period, let alone fighting dogs).

    Given the TRUE history of dogfighting (not to mention hunting) in America….please explain to me why you feel it’s African Americans that have such a disdain for animals?

    If you want to be disgusted by something, you should move beyond your racist ideals and try the truth.

  • Chris

    Well, I was really hopeful that with Tony Dungy’s help Vick could turn things around. I am adamently against any kind of animal cruelty, so this was hard for me, but given that he and Tony hooked up, I was all about a second chance. But the nice little video of Vick and Young Jeezy, just blew that out of the water. He’s stupid. Couldn’t even fake it for a couple of months, look decent, keep his nose clean, be serious about making the most of his talent and his life.

    Poor Dungy. How disappointed he must feel.

  • bananananny

    Why are so many people mentioning God or Christianity in their responses? What does religion have to do with the torture and killing of dogs? Was God looking out for those dogs when Vick killed them? Was Vick’s killing of the dogs in any way an act of Christianity? Is the calculated and repeated torture and killing of dogs really a “mistake” Mr. Dungy? Calling it a “mistake” is extremely disrepsectful to the animals who suffered under his ownership. Is it not our duty to treat all others with respect, be it animal or man? Maya Angelou said “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Maybe, Mr. Dungy, you should get your head out of the bible and see Vick for the self-serving, egotistical, abuser that he is. He will only appear to change to suit his own selfish goals. Letting him play in the NFL is an insult not only to those of us who cherish our dogs but to the great players and good people who play the game. He’ll crash and burn. Losers always do.

  • R Douglas

    “Is it not our duty to treat all others with respect, be it animal or man?”

    “get your head out of the bible and see Vick for the self-serving, egotistical, abuser that he is….He’ll crash and burn. Losers always do.”

    Apparently not….

  • bananananny

    R Douglas, the minute Vick flipped off his own fans because they booed his performance as quarterback, he lost my respect. Do you really think that anyone who could treat their dogs the way he treated his deserves to be respected?

  • R Douglas

    I know I’m monopolizing this thread, so I am just going to answer one more question. Neither Vick or Dungy are paying me to be their defense lawyers:

    The reason I think God keeps coming up, is because of the issue of relative morality that binds to this situation.


    Hunter: “Killing innocent animals is brutal and sadistic!”

    Dog Fighter: “What about hunting for sport?”

    Hunter: “Oh, well that’s different…”

    PETA Rep: “NO animal should be killed needlessly”

    Hunter/Dog Fighter: “Tree huggers….”


    So, who’s right? If we were all to live by our own moral ideas, there is going to be a ton of gray area. Each man has his own opinion about things. The reality is that we’re all morally flawed. There’s no perfect person.

    So who gets to decide right from wrong? The government? They say to the dog fighter “You cannot pit animals against each other to fight.” then say to the hunter “Go ahead and kill innocent animals for sport…but only so many.”

    Should each individual or government choose? Germany had rules for Jews in the 1940’s……so obviously not. Then who’s rules do we follow?

    That’s where God comes in. There is no relative morality with God. Wrong is wrong according to Him. He’s provided the rulebook.

    Vick’s actions (killing and torturing animals) are not at all reflective of Christian theology. However, forgiving another’s transgressions and loving imperfect people as we have been loved despite of our own imperfections, is right at the heart of it. That’s a reflection of Dungy and what he’s really about.

    If there is no God in your mind….then ultimately, you’re just the output of randomness and chance….complaining about the outputs of randomness and chance (grand irony). There’s really no one to blame in that scenario. Good, bad, horrific….it’s all relative. Without purpose and meaning (of which there is none in a random world)….right and wrong don’t matter in any tangible capacity. They’re not solid concepts.

    We can’t blame Michael Vick for acting like a douche bag, anymore than we can blame the rain for raining. It’s just another roll of the atomic dice.

    Tony Dungy believes there is a God and since he knows Him through His own words (bible)….he understands that it’s His job to put the betterment of the human beings around him, above himself. Bringing a life back to God is more important than any negative press he could receive. Christ was ridiculed for spending time in prayer with prostitutes and tax collectors (the dregs of society in his day). He was criticized by religious people for reaching out in love to the lowest that his community had to offer.

    All I can say is, Tony gets it….and I hope you may too.

  • R Douglas

    Okay, sorry I lied. One more since bananananny was asking me a direct question.

    I don’t disagree with you about respect. Respect is a whole different ballgame than right and wrong. You said:

    “Is it not our duty to treat all others with respect, be it animal or man?”

    My issue with the comment is that you said “all others…animal or man” and then proceed to knock Vick down a few more pegs.

    I gather, what you really meant was all others, based on how you feel about them or their actions. To me that simply means you’ll just treat others how you feel like treating them.

  • bananananny

    R Douglas, your ramblings didn’t answer my simple question. “Do you really think that anyone who could treat their dogs the way he treated his deserves to be respected?”

    And, by the way, I don’t care what the Bible says or what Jesus would do. Your take on things leaves little room for other beliefs or non-beliefs. Vick is a sick and sorry little man who, I believe, will crash and burn…….I hope you and Tony “get” that.

  • bananananny

    R Douglas, I will treat others with respect if they deserve it. I can’t make it any simpler than that. Vick deserves to be treated the way he treated his dogs. End of story.

  • Sick of Vick in Ga.

    I say good riddance to Vick. He only found religion after he was caught, and only showed remorse because he was sorry he was caught. I hope any team who considers hiring him is ready for the fallout it will cause, and sure he is worth the headache before they commit to paying him millions. People are not going to forget what he did. He can’t blame anyone except himself for this mess.

  • R Douglas


    Sorry I didn’t answer your question.

    “Do you really think that anyone who could treat their dogs the way he treated his deserves to be respected?”

    No, I don’t think he deserves to be respected until he earns it. But I do believe he should be forgiven to the extent that he’s allowed to prove himself and earn that respect. The possibility of him turning his life around exists. The possibility of him positively affecting lives and redeeming himself exists. Respect or not, it’s not up to me to deny him that possibility as a free man.

    “And, by the way, I don’t care what the Bible says or what Jesus would do. Your take on things leaves little room for other beliefs or non-beliefs.”

    That’s not just my ‘take on things’, that’s reality. You can’t get meaning and purpose from chance. It’s like rolling a die and coming up with three 2’s in a row. That doesn’t add purpose or meaning….it just means you rolled three 2’s in a row. Life without meaning is meaningless (the very definition) and so are it’s people and problems…it’s that simple. They may exist, but not for anything in particular.

    Vick is a sick and sorry little man who, I believe, will crash and burn…….I hope you and Tony “get” that.

    I understand how you feel about him. But the prognostication for his future may or may not be true. Love and discipline could change things….you never know.

    “R Douglas, I will treat others with respect if they deserve it. I can’t make it any simpler than that. Vick deserves to be treated the way he treated his dogs.”

    I agree with the first part, but I don’t think an eye for an eye is the way to go. That’s how less civilized countries go to war perpetually.

  • bananananny

    R Douglas,
    “That’s not just my ‘take on things’, that’s reality.” Is this the part where I’m supposed to thank you for explaining “reality” to me and setting me on the path of righteousness? Not likely. Now go handle some snakes or something.

  • Rashad

    Hey! Ya”ll – Did u even stop and read the name of this blog? ALL PRO DAD? Is this what u think DAD’s are supposed to be teaching their kids or are ya’ll gay? I know it’s not what I want to teach my kids! My boys will grow up to be MEN that respect the word of the Lord – DO NO EVIL!

    Do a crime – do a little time – and then come out on top? Hell-o? Even though this is America this isn’t what happens to most criminals and losers and let’s face it – Vick is and was a loser both on and off the field – The Falcons weren’t a winning team – Vick isn’t a winner and anyone connected with him is in for a fall from Grace.

    This isn’t about religion because only God can forgive – he gave humans “Dominion ” over animals and humans have read that to mean whatever they think is going to be good for them. They might have a surprise in store IF they get to heaven – no guarantees here –

  • E

    I have had great respect for Mr. Dungy since I lived in Tampa. He is a good man. I am saddened to hear that he is supporting Vick. Michael Vick is a monster, plain and simple. I really have a problem with people labeling what Vick did a “mistake.” I think there are many crimes that are mistakes. They happen in the heat of a moment and tragedy is the result. A “mistake” however, implies a discreet instance, without significant forethought.

    It is problematic to designate the systematic fighting, torture, abuse, and killing of animals a mistake. Was Vick somehow unaware that this was against the law? Against morality? Against basic human decency? I think not. He willingly and consistently engaged in this behavior again and again and again, because he had wealth and power (the same things he is seeking in his return to the NFL).

    I don’t need PETA to tell me that this man is unredeemable. Has he shown any remorse? Inquired into the fates of the animals he abused? Offered restitution for their care? Offered funds to the countless pitbull rescues around the country who struggle to help as many of these unfortunate animals as they can?

    I would personally boycott any team that chose to put this sick individual on the field — and I do believe it takes a sick mind to take pleasure in the deaths of animals that in other circumstances would make a wonderful pet. (Oh, and for those that are making comparisons to hunting — I have no problem with that. I think hunters are scum as well. For those that say that this is racist, I have just as many problems with hispanics who promote cockfighting or horse tripping or cowboys who kill animals at rodeos. Anyone who chooses to intentionally harm an animal is pretty much a disgrace in my book).

    Pitbulls aren’t born mean and fighting. They are made into unstable fighting animals by monsters like Vick. Pitbulls all over the country die because of the damaged fighting machines that these individuals create (I won’t dignify them by calling them “people.”). Look at any animal control website. You will see countless pitbulls. Only a lucky few get out. In rescue, I have seen huge euthanization lists come out and EVERY other dog on that list find rescue. The pits all die. Some shelters don’t even give them a chance, euthanizing them as soon as they walk in the door.

    Even if they do get out, there is always a chance that someone is adopting them simply to turn them into fighting animals again. Or perhaps, if they are too sweet, they will be used as bait dogs to train the more aggressive ones to kill. I have seen dogs turned into shelters scarred with their teeth filed down so that they couldn’t fight back.

    This is what Vick participated in. This is what Vick deliberately did. And this is what you are condoning when you say that Vick deserves a second chance.

    Sorry, Mr. Dungy, some individuals aren’t worthy of redemption — especially at the cost of your own good name.

  • MinimumWage4Vick

    I am *so* tired of listening to the boo-hooing of every well-to-do-moment-in-the-sun athlete who had life in the palm of their hand, playing a GAME and making more than most of us can dream of cry “woe is me” to the public when they—through their own stupidity or greed—screw up *bigtime* and lose their fame, luxury and phat salary. Vick wasn’t just walking down the street, abducted, blindfolded, thrown in jail and charged with a felony. I’ll bet that most of you who have posted here make it through daily life without breaking a law punishable by jail time… and how many of you would get your old jobs back when you got out? So sorry, Vick, no sympathy at all from me…

    Let Vick’s spot go to an up-and-coming star who deserves it… if people want to glorify football and those who play it, pick those individuals who live up to and EARN the dream of playing a professional sport. Vick had his chance.

    If Coach Dungy wants to champion Vick and help him be a better person, great. It’s his right to. But I don’t think that a “second chance” should equate to Vick being reinstated and allowed to play professional football. His “second chance” is to get his head out of his @ss and figure out how to live life as a law-abiding citizen.

    That’s my “politically correct” answer.

    My personal feelings are that I hope he rots in hell for what he did to those dogs. I would hope that anyone who brings that kind of suffering to animals or humans rots in hell… so I’m not being prejudiced. This wasn’t one dog, it was hundreds, over a long period of time. A “mistake” is something that happens once. Accidental manslaughter, that’s a “mistake”. These were habitual, calculated, coldhearted executions… serial killings. What HE personally did with his own hands or allowed to happen.

    Any of you who are taking the stance that they were “just dogs”… I’d have you sit in a room and listen to just AUDIO of what a dog sounds like as it is being beaten and tortured to death… this isn’t a rifle shot bringing down a deer from 50 yards. If you can stomach it and are still standing on your soapbox at the end saying “so what, they’re just dogs”, then you are just as ignorant, coldhearted and vicious. There’s a difference between being a person and being human. Don’t preach that it’s all about humans… compassion is compassion… you either have the ability to be compassionate or you don’t. You can’t turn it on or off like a switch over the suffering of a human or the suffering of an animal. It’s all suffering, no matter where dogs fall into your hierarchy of who are the more important beings.

    Do you want to learn forgiveness? Look at each and every Vick dog who survived, to trust humans again… THAT is forgiveness.

    For those of you who feel God alone should judge… the God I wish for is the fire and brimstone God of the Old Testament. You know, the one who smote down entire civilizations for worshipping false idols?

  • melissa

    I obviously missed something. this forum shouldnt be called allprodad it should be called bible thumpers unite. what a bunch of garbage. hiding behind religion to support a monster. Jesus called he wants you to get off his side.

  • Golden3

    You talk about giving Vick a second chance, but the dogs he murdered don’t get the opportunity of having a second chance do they? He purposely devised new and more brutal ways of killing these defenceless souls solely for his own enjoyment. What sort of evil mind can think of this let alone act on his intentions? I can’t begin to understand how you can think he has any redeeming qualities. Are you so hard up for footballers that you need to stoop this low and hire this murderer? Someone should hold his head under water while he fights for life then he may just have an inkling of what the animals he murdered endured.

    “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Some of you would rather Michael Vick work at a grocery store than pursue his chance at redemption and turn his life around. You don’t care if Michael Vick is a free man, but you want him to bag groceries?….Sounds like jealousy to me. Other ex-cons are typically bagging groceries because that’s the only job they’re capable of, not because they can’t legally use their skills to make the best living possible.”

    I don’t WANT Vick to bag groceries, but I don’t think he should he restored to a position of fame and fortune in the NFL after committing a felony. Many years ago, an attorney that worked for my firm was convicted of a felony. He was disbarred, and can never practice law in any state. Why shouldn’t HE get a second chance? Why shouldn’t a Wall Street criminal get his securities license back? How about a physician who kills patients through negligence and loses her medical license? Do you want all of them to be “reinstsated” along with Vick?

  • Sick of Vick in Ga.

    To: The Elector of Saxony–

    No, I don’t want to see any felons reinstated. They were adults who knew right from wrong when they made their choices. When they get caught, they whine for others to bail them out. Let them live with it. If Vick has to bag groceries to pay his bills, so be it. To return Vick as a role model for kids is pure stupidity. Is that the best the NFL can do for our children?

  • Sandy749

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated.”
    — Mahatma Gandhi

    Vick didn’t make a “mistake”…he did this for SEVEN years…so it a a bunch of mistakes???
    Mr. Dungy I always thought you had class until this…are you getting some kind of kick-back from him or his agents? I cannot understand how you can be a mentor to a monster. Shame on you!!

  • Ken

    Mr Dungy, I admire you trying to help Michael Vick but its obvious by his comments at the basketball camp
    where he is blaming someone else where he “allowed someone who didn’t have my best interests at heart to take all that away from me”. Michael Vick is the only one to blame. Here he is out promoting himself as the role model and still blames others for his fall. It would be best to advise your project to keep his mouth shut.












    TO MENTOR help to our young people to become leaders in our

    We are group of community watch leaders dedicated to the safety of
    communites. By investing in the leadership skills of our future

    By mentoring them to be safe and responsible leaders in our

    by training them with other positive role models. sports, politics,
    teachers hospitalty, even with safe internet E-menting program(our
    safety patrol)

    we will work with local police on crime prevention, drug and alcohol

    prevention,stay in school with community in school program.

    we will not let race, religion,economics stop us from building a
    foundation for the future

    making dreams come true. seeing the future from heart of a mentee


    team leader for project


  • Hokie

    Coach Dungy, I watched Michael play at Virginia Tech…I graduated a couple years before him. What amazing talent and electrifying skill! And how disappointed I was when he made such bad choices…it ruined his reputation and put a black mark on a program that has gained so much respect under Frank Beamer. As disgusted as I was by his choices, though, once a Hokie, always a Hokie. I am a dog lover…so it’s hard to say that, I was ashamed of the choices Mike made, and the more I learned, the more disgusted I was. However, I do believe Michael’s paid his debt to society, and deserves a second chance, just like the rest of us would all want. I’m also a resident of Indy…who was really bummed when you retired. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy you went out on your terms…we should all be so lucky! But your retirement is a tremendous loss for the city and the team, so we’ll miss you. If you’re going to move on to other things, though, I’m glad working with Michael is one of them…he clearly needs a strong father figure who can mentor him…and I can’t think of a better person in the world than you. Tell Michael that there are many Hokies out here who will still love to watch him play and admire his talents…and that we truly want to cheer for him again, but in order to get there, he needs to turn his life around off the field. I truly hope you can get him there.

  • milagros garcia villamil

    Hello Tony

    LMAO GO MR VICK..i told ya.. i went to Cuba and came back and look what we have..another Eagle..
    i am pleased that a quality team picked him up in a city that loves thier teams. He will get respect from Donavan and together perhaps they will finally pull it off..for a city that has come so close and has had great Quarterbacks and players
    To all of the careful because u know that i am up to my ability to defend my right to speak..

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Now that the Eagles have decided to sign Vick, I sincerely hope that millions of Americans will simply turn off the NFL forever. Let’s start a movement in America where decent people insist on decency in their sports, entertainment, and in front of their children. Turn off the TV, stop watching the thugs in jerseys and spend your money and your time on bettering yourselves and your families. Let the players play for the peanuts that the other thugs in America have to spend.

    Anyone who is glad that this man is back in the NFL is a degenerate. Just because there are millions of degenerates to console each other in the new, devolved America doesn’t mean they are right. Most of the time, the crowd is wrong.

  • Chris

    I think people need to focus on their own issues, and stop with the whole Vick thing. What about the humans? Someone does something to someone else and it’s no big deal, but goodnite, with this dog situation, you never hear the end of it. LET IT GO. I think Tony Dungy has it right, people deserve second chances when they’ve done the time given to them and have changed. Do you people hate all these other NFL guys this bad after their violence with humans? uh, no. I hope Michael Vick succeeds and does well for himself now. Yes, hopefully he does see the fact that he’s getting this huge chance to make things right for himself. But, all these people talking garbage about him just make themselves look bad. Move on.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “I hope Michael Vick succeeds and does well for himself now”

    Chris, I hope your children are highly influenced by Vick. So much so that they spend little time and energy on education and waste their lives in pusuit of “thuggin, like Mike”. Maybe if your own kids spend time in prison and emerge with felony records that will really make you a proud parent. Maybe Vick will pose with your kids in pictures, throwin up gang signs. Wouldn’t that be a great thing? What a fine example Vick is for young people. Look around the country, Chris. Open your eyes and look at urban crime, poverty, ignorance, and correlate the culture with the results. Do you really think what this country needs is another felon-star athlete as role model for kids who by an 80% to 20% margin have no father in the home? We are really getting great results with the consequence-free culture of celebrity in this country, aren’t we? Crime is falling, literacy levels are wayyyyy up, graduation rates are soaring, drug use is almost unheard of in schools, and young people are turning to math and science to increase their intellectual stimulati…..Oh, sorry just the opposite is happening in America.

    Thug culture, celeb culture, gangsta hoopsta culture, are poisoning the well from which our Nation should be drawing its future. Keeping Vick out of the league won’t change a thing, but at least it might show that there is SOMETHING that can get you kicked out of the NFL other then cold-clooded capital murder and a death sentence. It might make other players think twice before doing something stupid, and yeah it might make our kids think about their OWN choices and behavior. I guess that horse is out of the barn, down the road, and living in a meadow in a different county by this time. Talk about reaping the whirlwind!!

  • Super_mom34

    Coach Dungy,
    You are setting such a wonderful Christian example for all of us. We all too often neglect our gifts. God gave each of us unique gifts and all too often those who have been blessed with gifts such as Michael Vick get caught up in self instead of focusing on the giver of the gift. Michael Vick is no more or less evil than anyone else. Its up to him to make the most of his wonderful gifts.

    To you Michael Vick I say it’s all about choices. You’ve made mistakes, you’ve paid the price – move on and make better choices. I pray you will humble yourself and allow your actions to speak for you. Remember man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. The heart is where it counts. You have the opportunity to become a modern day Paul. I hope you will allow God to fill your life with mercy and grace. You have the opportunity to reach out to our young people and say look where I was but see where God has brought me. There isn’t a child in this country you can’t be a positive influence to if you so desire. I have a feeling God will use you in ways we have never seen before – you can make a positive difference. I will quote a true role model when I say “No excuses – No explainations – Whatever it takes” Get out there Michael Vick and allow God to use you – it ain’t over – you’ve got work to do!!!

  • SJ Reeves

    Coach…..I have great respect for you, but am still not certain about your support of Michael Vick. Some call what he did a “mistake”, some say he deserves a second chance, and some say we should all forgive as we have sinned ourselves. Some even say it was only dogs. What Michael did was not “just a mistake” it was an indication of his moral fiber and character. He intentionaly tortured, abused and killed innocent animals. He did this while laughing and making decisions to forcefully remove their teeth, slam them to the ground, drown them, tie females to a “rxape post” for breeding. It is a fact that individuals that abuse animals go on to abuse people. Vick has a long history of “mistakes”. He bankrolled dog fighting, he gambled on dog fighting, he filed bankruptcy, he failed drug tests, he knowingly spread STDs and used an alias when seeking treatment, he father children out of wedlock, he stole money from his company’s pension, he is suspected of invovlement in the murder of Bud Melton. When do we stop giving Michael more chances. I read with disgust today that now BET Network is planning on a show next year regarding Vick’s life. I am encourageing everyone who reads this to contact BET and expressed your disgust. Please keep a close eye on Vick as you continue to mentor him. I am doubtful regarding any remorse on his part and hate to see that his PR team continues to spin a web around him. In his presentations for HSUS, I have yet to hear him say he feels for the pain he caused to innocent animals, rather it is all about him.

  • Matthew Shanafelt

    Michael Vick’s troubles are not the result of poor decision making. Drinking and driving is a poor decision. Losing too much money at the track is a poor decision. Michael Vick’s problem is that he is a truly sick and demented individual. This is a man who seemed to relish in personally executing dogs in vicious fashion. Not only did he run the fights, but he starved, tortured, electrocuted, strangled, and beat to death these animals. Clearly he derived some sort of satisfaction or enjoyment from all of it.

    So he served his time and is now playing football again. Big deal. Eighteen months in the joint doesn’t cure the kind of sickness that he has. I don’t care that the NFL accepted him back. I wasn’t even too worried about whether or not he would get sentenced to prison in the first place. All I know is that he deserves none of my support or sympathy, nor that of anyone else’s.

    For the record, I am not a bleeding heart. I am a hunter, a meat eater, and I wear leather. I have never however, gotten my jollies by torturing animals. For those that continue to support Vick, I don’t think you realize how truly sick this man is.

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  • Baruch

    I too agree that Jackie Robinson is a distraction; and that the Dodgers would be better off not taking him on.