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10 Businesses for Kid Entrepreneurs

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Starting a business for your kids will be a great learning experience for you all. The process can be used to launch a passion for business, product creation, investing, or philanthropy. The process can reveal whether your kids are risk takers, planners, good with numbers, or good communicators. Here are 10 business ideas you can help your kids become a kid entrepreneur.

1. Lemonade stand.
Just about every kid has had some sort of lemonade stand. They are simple to set up and definitely fill a need on a hot summer day. Just make sure they don’t consume all of their product. Here’s more on a national one-day lemonade day that your kids might enjoy doing.

2. Etsy shop.
Do you have crafty or creative kids? Etsy is a social commerce site focusing on handmade and vintage items as well as art and craft supplies.

3. Fiverr product or service.
Fiverr is a website where every product and service is sold for $5. The products range from the serious to the not-so-serious. An easy way to test the business waters for your kids.

4. Babysitting service.
If your teen is good with small children, and responsible, then babysitting may be a great business to begin.

5. Resell video games.
Used and unwanted video games can be sold to local game stores. Game systems and games are updated almost annually. Your kids can gather their old games and sell them to local game stores. They may be able to help their friends get rid of theirs for a fee as well.

6. Computer tutor.
Growing up in the information/Google age has led to many kids becoming experts at navigating and using computers. If your kid is one of them, they can use this skill to tutor younger kids, or even adults, who are not as proficient.

7. Dog walking.
Does your child love animals? Starting a dog walking service is a great way to serve those in your neighborhood while doing something he enjoys.

8. Lawn service.
Another common business for kids. Your kids can help your neighbors keep their lawns looking manicured and get some physical exercise in the process.

9. Sell items on eBay.
Ecommerce is the norm now. Most people have made at least one purchase online. Many people have successfully launched businesses selling online and there is a ton of information your kids can use to learn themselves.

10. Online writing.
Online content is an important aspect to many businesses. If your kid enjoys writing and has demonstrated a high skill in writing, there are many opportunities for them to earn money and perhaps turn it into a small business.

“What’s one thing you are really good at?”