fun things to do in the summer

10 Fun Things to Do This Summer

Many times the journey is just as rewarding as the destination.

There are many fun things to do in the summer. When I was young my family would pack up the car and go to the shore for a month. Our family was big enough to need two cars. These were the days before cell phones so we would talk on CB’s. The cars didn’t have air conditioning so we did the entire trip with the windows open and the outside air blustering around the car. You had to yell for the person next to you to hear you. Those trips are some of my favorite memories of the summer. Many times the journey is just as rewarding as the destination.

Summer is a great time to make memories. Here are 10 things you can do with your family to make this summer one of the best ever.

1. The American History Vacation

What a great time to give your kids a visual image of our country’s history. Every region of the nation has many opportunities for wonderful educational vacations. A great research tool to help is this travel site. The site provides historic itineraries across the country.

2. Water Parks

In the last 30 years, water parks have exploded in popularity around the country. Summer is hot! What better way to cool off than sliding down a twisting, winding tube of cool, rushing water? It is a can’t miss with the kids and you will have just as much fun as well.

3. Family Reunion

Remember your cousin that you spent every Saturday with at Grandma’s house as a kid? Have you seen your sister’s kids since she moved so far away? Summer is perfect to organize a family reunion. The children are out of school and parents have vacation time to use. Pick a central spot for everybody and reunite the most important bonds you’ll ever have – family.

4. Baseball

America’s pastime is thriving and as fun as ever. Major and minor league teams dot the country no matter where you live. In most cases, baseball is also the most affordable of all the major sports. Pack up the kids, grab some hot dogs, and watch the amazing exploits of the next generation of great ball players.

5. Take a hike

Beautiful scenery, wildlife, exercise, and fresh air. Hiking is an extremely popular activity. Show your kids what lies beyond their TVs, iPods, and laptops. Your taxpayer dollars support and maintain thousands of trails and greenways all over. Get your money’s worth and get out there and enjoy them! is a great site to help you plan.

6. The Backyard

Right outside your window lays limitless possibilities of family fun. Badminton, volleyball, cookouts, sprinklers, and tossing a ball around are wonderful! Use your imagination and put your own land to good use.

7. Camping

Every family should go camping together at least once, right? It is practically guaranteed to be an event that creates lifelong stories. Most of them probably revolving around the silly things Dad did while trying to be the big man. Your kids will love it. For the best experience, try not to overthink it. A tent, some supplies, some food and water, and a good attitude. Nature takes care of the rest.

8. Hit the Surf

For most families, no summer is complete without dipping the toes in the sand and waters of our great oceans and lakes. Water draws us like flies. No wonder. It’s awesome!

9. Throw a Party

Summer is prime time to socialize. Have you met those neighbors 50 feet from your front door? Has it been too long since you got together with your friends? Set up the grill, turn on some music, and invite the friends and neighbors. Everybody loves a good party.

10. Relax

Do nothing. Sleep in. Turn off the phone. Stay in bed watching movies with your wife all day. Life is so very busy and creates so much stress. Jump off the carousel for a day. Your health will send you a thank you card.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are your favorite things to do in the summer?”