10 Reasons Real Men Go to the Doctor

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Did you know September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? Most men don’t know or may not want to know. Just like most men do not go to the doctor. But we at All Pro Dad know that real men, and All Pro Dads, aren’t like that at all.

When you realize you are the “team captain” of your family, you realize as you go, so goes your family. Yet, some studies show that men are three times more likely to go a year without seeing doctor.

AskMen.com states one of the top 5 reasons men do this is they believe they’ll “tough it out.” Cancer is not something you tough out. Your health is very important, and being aware of potential health problems is one way you can stay healthy. Here are our 10 reasons real men go to the doctor.

1. Real men do it even if they’re afraid.
Real men don’t let fear stop them from doing what is best for them and for their family.

2. Real men know what’s inside is most important.
Just like we see the good in our kids when they are acting “bad” on the outside, we know feeling “fine” doesn’t mean everything is working fine on the inside.

3. Real men are not invincible.
Pride goes before destruction. No matter how strong or successful we are, sometimes we need help. When something is not right, we admit it and address it.

4. Real men learn mistakes.
Real men learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others. Many of us know someone who has lost a battle with cancer, and real men do their best to keep that from that happening to them.

5. Real men lead by example.
Real men take their loved ones to the doctor, but first they show them by going themselves. They don’t ask anyone to do anything they are not doing.

6. Real men want to live life more abundantly.
Understand that in order to be our best and do great things our health must be at our best. Regular doctor visits will help us stay on track.

7. Real men don’t care what others think.
Going to the doctor is sometimes viewed as a “chick” thing. Real men do not care if others think that. They do what is needed to remain healthy.

8. Real men make time.
We are all busy, but real men carve out the time needed to take care of themselves so they can be more effective serving as leaders at home, at work, and in the community.

9. Real men are proactive.
Real men know the best defense is a good offense. Instead of waiting for their body to stop working right, they check periodically to keep it working right for as long as possible.

10. Real men love their family.
Real men do whatever they can do to protect and provide for their families. If going to the doctor helps them stay healthy so they can love their family better, then they are all over it.

“Our health is important. I want to be a part of your life as much, and as long, as possible. To help me do so, I am committing to regular doctor visits to make sure I am as healthy as I can be.”