life is tough

10 Ways to Deal with Unexpected Hardship

Life is tough. Unexpected issues and events can easily take us far outside our comfort zones. Chaos, confusion and fear can greet us on the other side. In a position of family leadership, we are responsible to prepare for these moments. We need to have forward thinking and prepare physically for what might be sneaking up on us.

There will be times that, no matter what we do in advance, life is going to pull a shocker on us. However, with some effort, we can lessen the impact unexpected hardships have on our relationships, children, and marriages. Here are 10 ways to deal with unexpected hardship.

1. Financial Difficulties

The simplest way to prepare for financial trouble in advance is to live within our means.

The simplest way to prepare for financial trouble in advance is to live within our means. We can also keep our personal debt to the smallest amount possible. Of course that is elementary advice, but those two things will protect your family from most things that can unexpectedly occur. For professional and practical advice on how to get out of financial hardship, check out Dave Ramsey.

2. Health Issues

There is usually nothing more devastating than when sudden and drastic health issues occur. We can prepare in advance in several ways. First and foremost, we can take all of the preventative health advice that our doctors provide. Mentally, we can look forward and develop contingency strategies. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

3. Senseless Tragedy

Mass shootings at schools and concerts are happening all over. The primary way to handle this event, and possibly prevent them in the future, is to dig deeper to the root cause in our society that is breeding such deep hatred and pain. One of the key components has been fatherlessness. One way we can make a change is by being involved at our children’s schools. A great way to get involved is by attending or starting an All Pro Dad’s Day. While you are at it, mentor and bring a kid who doesn’t have a dad. Loving a kid with that void may prevent future tragedies.

4. Family Matters

Divorce, teen pregnancy, and addiction are just a few things that can hit the family. These are personal matters and there is not a blanket solution to individual cases. The one thing to keep in mind is that family always comes first, so never give up on those that are struggling within it.

5. Transportation Problems

Most Americans are living on tight budgets, and rising gas prices, unexpected repairs, and required maintenance for our automobiles can cause serious issues. A few solutions are downgrading to one car, public transportation, bicycles, and good old-fashioned walking as alternatives. Build up a car repair reserve by setting aside money each month.

6. Social Turmoil

These are outspoken times and the country has never been more divided. Practice the golden rule. The next time you are unexpectedly blindsided by friend or neighbor for any particular reason, your reaction will determine that relationship going forward. Be the better person. Stay calm, think before you speak, and always consider how you wish to be treated.

7. Job Loss

We need to mentally and financially prepare for the possibility that our incomes may be reduced or lost all together. What would we do and how would we react? Prepare financially by building a cash reserve. If you have been unable or willing to do that and find yourself unemployed stay positive. There are better times ahead. Don’t lose hope, your family needs your leadership now more than ever.

8. Marital Complications

The obvious goal here is prevention as well as continual maintenance. Seeking counseling in times of trouble is a good step, but it’s even better to see a counselor when things are fine just to do maintenance. Do everything in your power to keep this relationship healthy and strong. If you are divorced do whatever you can to keep this relationship civil and stable, for the sake of your children.

9. Community Tension

Have you ever seen a time where people were more angry? We need to engage—getting into our communities and seeking out the areas that need our help. Those areas seem to be endless and every person willing to get involved matters. Our quality of life and the quality of life for our children and future generations depends on what we are doing today.

10. When Nature Strikes

Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, drought, and all sorts of extreme weather touch all of us in one way or another. The best idea is to assume it will happen to your family. Every household should have enough basic supplies and food to sustain on their own for at least 3 days.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is the hardest thing you have ever gone through?”