11 Things to Do on the 4th of July

Are you in need of some creative ideas for this 4th of July? Check out our 4th of July printable checklist below that has 11 funs things to do on the 4th of July.

1. Have your own Pool Competition

Set up a game between the family with different swim races such as “Crossing the Delaware”, a cannonball jump contest, and Marco Polo (but instead yell “The British…are coming!”).

2. Go for a Bike Ride

Take your kids on a ride around the neighborhood and see who can spot the most American flags.

3. Make Homemade Ice-cream

Have the kids meet you on the back porch for some delicious homemade ice cream, with red and blue sprinkles.

4. Make Water Balloons

Fill up a bucket of red, white, and blue water balloons in the backyard and have a blast.

5. Build a Fort

Gather up as many quilts and sheets you can find and then build two grand, opposing forts. Once each team is secured in their home base, surprise attack each other with pillows!

6. Bob for Apples

Set 13 apples in a bucket (one to represent each colony), take turns blindfolding each person, and see who can get the most apples/colonies in a minute.

7. Go for a Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of red, white, and blue items around your house (a red blanket, a white notebook, a blue lunchbox, etc.) and have the kids check off the items as you find them.

8. Have a Ketchup Competition

Grab a bottle of ketchup, paper plates, and LOTS of napkins. Then, have each person take turns drawing their best patriotic image (flag, eagle, U.S.A.) on a plate using the ketchup bottle.

9. Go for a Patriotic Picnic

Pack some Little Liberty Sandwiches, Star-Spangled Strawberries, Revolutionary Rolls, and George Washington Watermelon before laying it all out on a Battle Blanket.

10. Have a Parade

Have everyone dress up in red, white and blue (or as the American Historical character of their choice), grab a baton (or kitchen spoon, etc.), and march around the house to fun music like God Bless America, Yankee Doodle, and This Land is Your Land.

11. Bake an American Cake

Take turns completing steps of the recipe, stick it in the oven, and then cover it with white frosting, red strawberries, and blueberries.

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