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14 Signs You’d Make a Good Adoptive Parent

Being an adoptive parent has many ups and downs. There are so many beautiful parts that make it all worth it, but there are also moments of difficulty that you have to push through to see that beauty.

If you are considering adoption, here are 14 signs you’d make a good adoptive parent.

1. Your support system is reliable.

Having a helpful and supportive community is a must when adopting. You need a crew of people to walk alongside you to celebrate wins and to help you when times are hard.

2. You are empathetic.

Any child will face challenges after being adopted. When you empathize with them, you can connect with all the emotions and support their grieving process without taking it personally.

3. You are willing to learn and grow.

Many experiences in life will cause us to grow and change—adopting a child is one of those that will teach you lessons you didn’t realize you needed to learn.

4. You keep your commitments.

Adoption is a permanent lifelong choice. You need to be ready to commit regardless of the circumstances. You can always get services and ask for help if things are getting hard.

5. You are patient.

The adoption process can often be long and stressful before it’s even finalized. You have to be patient throughout the process and with the adoption journey you’re on with your child.

6. You are humble enough to ask for help.

This cannot be stressed enough. Adoptive parents don’t have to be superheroes. Asking for assistance is a gift to you and your child.

7. You process emotions in a healthy way.

Being emotionally healthy is important for you and your adopted child. There will be many emotions, and it’s important for you to be in a good place to deal with them all.

8. You are flexible.

Life doesn’t often turn out perfectly in the way we planned. Being flexible with time and your plans will be important.

9. You have a sense of humor.

Being an adoptive parent will come with some crazy moments that will just make you laugh. A sense of humor will help you not take everything so seriously.

10. You love sacrificially.

You will give more than you get when you adopt. Be ready to love freely without strings attached.

11. You’d rather give than receive.

Having a giving heart is important for your adoption journey.

12. You persevere through hard times.

Good times and hard times are a package deal when adopting. You will need grit to help you make it through the valleys.

13. You are willing to have hard conversations.

Adopting a child will mean you will have to talk about hard things. It’s important to know what to say and how to say it to help your child navigate their adoption journey.

14. You have a strong faith.

Relying on God to help you through each step will give you the strength and hope you need to make it through anything you face.

What other traits make a good adoptive parent?

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