20 Great Ideas for Family Activities

I love surprising my kids with stuff to do. My kids have never said no to doing a family activity. But when I surprise them with a fun family activity, the excitement in their eyes is priceless.

Memory-making with their children is what great dads do, and it’s not just reserved for summer vacation. You can get active with your family all year long with some of these easy-to-pull-off ideas. Looking for a unique way to have fun with your family? Here are 20 activities to inspire family fun!

1. Go to a local high school sporting event.

Who doesn’t love Friday night lights in the fall or a basketball game in the middle of winter?

2. Take the kids on a mystery trip.

Give them clues about your destination as you get closer. It can be something as simple as an ice cream shop or playground or a trip to a museum or amusement park.

3. Let your children prepare a meal.

You can help a little if they are feeling adventurous in the kitchen. Ask the kids to serve the food to you and your wife, restaurant-style.

4. Plant flowers.

This can be indoors in a flower pot or outdoors in the garden.

5. Get to know the family of one of your child’s friends.

Have the family over for a cookout and get to know them better.

6. Let your kids take photos, print them, and make a photo album.

For an added layer of fun, have the kids think of fun captions for each photo.

7. Create a free scavenger hunt.

These are always fun and don’t cost much (if any) money.

8. Go to a park and take some pictures of landscapes.

Develop the pictures, get out the paints, and try to paint the landscapes by looking at the pictures.

9. Go on a family bike ride.

You pick the location. The ride could even end with a picnic!

10. For Girls: Have a spa hour.

Paint each other’s nails, do your hair, and let them put makeup on you.

11. Build an obstacle course.

Let each family member compete for the best time.

12. Have a garage sale.

Let your kids decide how to spend the money you earn during an upcoming family day.

13. Plan a secret surprise for someone in need.

You can cook a meal for someone or mow somebody’s lawn without revealing who did it.

14. Camp in your back yard.

Buy or borrow a tent and tell spooky stories using a flashlight.

15. Let the kids help you paint their room.

Let them pick out the paint color. (It might get them to actually clean it first!)

16. Play board games.

Shoots and Ladders, anyone? This is a great activity for a rainy day.

17. Do a craft.

Make up your own or buy a craft kit.

18. Become bakers.

Find a recipe and bake cookies, bread, or a cake—from scratch.

19. Let your children design a family crest.

Break out the colored paper and glue sticks and make something unique.

20. Go skating.

Ice skating or roller skating. Which sounds more fun?

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Sound off: What are some other fun family activities?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are some fun things we could do when we get bored?”