3 Reasons Your Kids Need You

Years ago, one of my favorite movies to watch with my kids was Wreck-It Ralph. The main reason is probably my neverending nostalgia for anything having to do with my childhood. It is filled with references my kids would never understand. The main character, Ralph, struggles with being the bad guy in a 1980s-style video game called Fix-It Felix. Ralph is gifted at wrecking things and Felix, the game hero, fixes Ralph’s carnage. Felix gets all the affirmation, accolades, and medals while Ralph is vilified. Ultimately, Ralph wants to be the hero and goes about it by forsaking who he is. It doesn’t work. Ironically, he finally becomes a hero—not by being anyone else, but by embracing who he is and willingly sacrificing for the sake of a child.

Ever felt like Ralph? As a dad, you may have observed other fathers and wished you were more like them. Those men are probably wonderful models of fatherhood, but they are not you. And you are exactly what your family needs. I believe God has gifted you with qualities that are uniquely yours. As a father, the time has come for you to embrace who you are and give sacrificially for your kids. Here are 3 reasons I believe you are the person your family needs.

1. You are wonderfully made.

For too many years, I tried to project an image of what I thought people wanted, rather than being my authentic self. If you’ve had the same problem, it’s time to say goodbye to the posturing and start being you. I believe we are designed with intention and purpose by God. Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” That’s true of you. There is no one exactly like you, and your kids have your DNA. You were created with a voice of influence to speak into the world, especially into the lives of your kids. You are the man your family needs.

2. You were planned.

Before the 1980 Olympic ice hockey game between the underdog United States and the Soviet Union, Coach Herb Brooks inspired his players by telling them that they were born to be hockey players and that they were meant to be there for that game. You may have grown up with a wonderful father or perhaps you never had a dad present in your life. Regardless I believe it was planned for you to be the father of your kids. You have been blessed with children and been given the necessary tools to be a great dad. No one could be a better dad to your kids than you.

3. You are gifted.

Our society may reward certain gifts and talents monetarily or with accolades more than others, but that doesn’t define their value. You have been given gifts and passions that are uniquely yours and those gifts are valuable. Embrace your gifting and your passion because the world needs it and so do your kids. It will give them permission to embrace their natural talents and the areas where they excel regardless of how society ranks them. Then strive to use your gifts to serve your children rather than waste them by merely using them for your own benefit.

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Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What qualities do you think you have that are uniquely yours?”