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3 Ways to Be a Hero to Your Kids

Everyone thinks I am crazy. I especially get a lot of feedback when I post it on Facebook. But every year, over one night (until morning), I give my kids a No Rules Night. Yes, it is a commitment of time and energy, but not much. It’s my kids’ favorite night of the year. In fact, they talk about it all the time and ask me over and over again when the next one will be. I’m thoroughly convinced that it will be one of those experiences from childhood that they will remember and talk about forever. It has made me a hero to my kids.

It’s amazing how a small commitment of time and energy can have such a huge impact. You can make small investments starting today with your kids. Here are 3 ways to be a hero to your kids.

One Minute A Day

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One Hour A Month

Start or attend an All Pro Dad’s Day at your child’s school. Every month All Pro Dad’s Day chapters meet across the country. Usually, it involves having breakfast together at the school. It’s a chance to be with your kids and talk to them about relevant issues such as having character and integrity. You also have a chance to tell your kids why you are proud of them. One middle school girl, who was struggling in her relationship with her dad, forced her dad to start going with her. After a year, both admitted that attending the All Pro Dad’s Day meetings improved their relationship drastically. Check here to see if there is an All Pro Dad chapter in your town. If there isn’t and you are interested in starting one, click here.

One Day A Year

Every year take at least one day and do something out of the box that will create a memory for your kids that will last a lifetime. Do something that will create a bond. Perhaps, it’s a no rules night or a spontaneous day-long road trip. If we come to your city, perhaps attend an All Pro Dad Father and Kids Experience. Think back to your own childhood. What was your favorite memory? Replicate it. Maybe it’ll become a tradition.

Bonus: One More

Fatherlessness is a huge issue and creates a ton of social problems. There are many kids going through life without the love of a mom and dad. Have you ever thought about fostering or adopting kids? While this does take a tremendous amount of time and energy, I guarantee you will not only be a hero to your kid but also to the fostered or adopted child. Check out this information about fostering or adopting kids.

Double Bonus: Did you know?

Did you know that All Pro Dad is a program of Family First and that Family First also has a program for moms? If your wife, sister, or daughter is a mom, tell her to check out iMOM for resources that will help her be the best mom she can be.