4 Joys of Foster Parenting

Being a foster parent is an amazing gift to a child in need of a safe home. Sure it can be difficult, but at the same time, it brings tremendous joy to you and the children you are helping.

Here are the 4 joys of being a foster parent:

1. You get to watch a transformation

It is an amazing experience to look to the past and reflect on change that has happened right before your eyes. Watching the dramatic transformation of a traumatized child adapt, learn, relax, and even love is one of the best parts of fostering. When a child is in a safe and stable environment, you will see immense change. The kids aren’t the only ones to transform. Foster families experience a transformation as well when they give their home, time, and energy to help a traumatized child.

2. You are giving

Studies show that giving can have a big impact on happiness. When we step out of our “all about me” bubble, it feels good to help someone else. Being Selfless not only impacts you, but it can set a strong example to those around you. Giving to others has a positive effect on both the giver and receiver.

3. You get to show a child love

Kids coming into foster care have a distorted reality about love. For them, love has included abuse, neglect, and abandonment. When you are a foster parent, you get to reframe a child’s thinking. You can show them a marriage that is healthy and not violent. You can show them a family that spends quality time together and plays together. You can show them acceptance when all they’ve known is rejection. Bringing a child into your world will give them hope that love is different from anything they have ever known.

4. You get to teach a child

Teaching children is a normal part of parenting. But many foster kids have not been taught what they need to know to walk down life’s path successfully. Children need someone to believe in them and show them the next best step. Fostering gives you the chance to invest in a child’s future by planting seeds that can grow for a lifetime.

Fostering can bring challenges and joy at the same time. The joys make a great impact on a child, you, your family, and community. Ready to take the next step? Call the toll free number: 1-844-4FL-KIDS