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4 Super Bowl Lessons About Fatherhood

One of my favorite things to do is watch the Super Bowl—even in a crazy year like this. Those of us who didn’t play in the game will go back to work the Monday after. Perhaps we talked about the game with others, but then we will move on. However, there are at least 53 men who just might feel like this is the worst week of their lives. At the same time, there is a different set of 53 men who feel like this is the greatest week ever. One group is made up of Super Bowl champions; the other is not. Where do they go from here, from such a high or such a low?

In fatherhood, we experience highs and lows. And just like the Super Bowl champs and Super Bowl losers, we have to answer the question: Where do we go from here? Here are 4 lessons about fatherhood we learn from the Super Bowl.

1. Remember: While it’s a big game, it’s only one game.

When players from both teams wake up Monday morning, life will still be happening. Their wives, kids, families, and friends will still be there. The Super Bowl is big—really big—but life goes on. As dads, when we mess up or our kids mess up, remember life goes on. There will be other “games” to play.

2. Take advantage of the learning opportunities.

We have to find the lessons in our highs as well as our lows.

In the NFL, when a team loses the Super Bowl, they typically determine why they lost and make roster changes or other adjustments to help them be better the next season—and hopefully win it all next time. Even teams who win do the same as they know other teams will be gunning for them. We have to find the lessons in our highs as well as our lows.

3. Be grateful—you played in the Super Bowl!

What an accomplishment! Playing in the Super Bowl is one of the most amazing things anybody can do. It’s hard to accept the loss, but think about how special it is to play, even lose, in the Super Bowl. We have to do the same thing in fatherhood. Count our blessings and be grateful for being blessed to be a dad. It’s an honor.

4. Accept that life may be changed forever—and it can be good.

After the Super Bowl, no matter what side of the field you are on, your life is different. Reaching major highs as well as major lows in fatherhood can be a game-changer. Life may be different. We can’t dwell on what happened. We must look ahead and live the life that is in front of us.

Sound off: How has your life changed as a dad?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “Why is it important not to get too high or too low when things happen to us?”