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5 Things You Want Said about You at Your Funeral

Timothy’s memorial service affected people deeply. Mourner after mourner shared powerful stories about the way the 45-year-old man had touched their lives. “That was wonderful,” one man exclaimed. “When I die, I want the exact same service. The same music, the same Bible readings, the same words.” Another man put a hand on his shoulder. “Our church doesn’t do cookie-cutter funerals,” he said. “If you want a funeral like this one, then you are going to have to live to the fullest like Timothy between now and when you die.” (Condensed from “GET REAL: A Spiritual Journey For Men” – 2007)

We sincerely hope that you live a long and prosperous life, to live to the fullest. But when you do pass away, have you thought about what you’d like to be said at your funeral? Our hope is that you will live your life in such a way that, one day, the people who attend your memorial service will be inspired to live their lives in a better way. Here are 5 things you want said about you at your funeral.

1. “This world is a better place because he lived!”

Everything we do, every day of our lives, holds the possibility to make a positive difference. Additionally, as we raise our children to be loving and generous, people of grace and integrity, the positive effect of our lives can bless generations to come.

Everything we do, every day of our lives, holds the possibility to make a positive difference.

2. “He knew what was important in life!”

Few people are going to waste words lauding our net worth when we die. Instead, wouldn’t it be great to be remembered as a man who had his priorities in order. Family. Family first. That’s something worth crowing about.

3. “This was one faithful man.”

We’ve all heard tell of professional athletes and musicians who brag about the number of women they’ve slept with during their lives. How about a big shout out for faithfulness and commitment? When a man is remembered as faithful, that man is remembered with respect.

4. “His family is going to miss him…but he left them equipped to thrive.”

It’s tough to imagine how your family will cope once you’re gone. But there’s one great gift we can leave behind, and that’s provision. Provision not only in terms of that insurance policy and a paid-off house, but a lifetime of training in responsibility, integrity, personal accountability, and thrift.

5. “He lived to the full, and he didn’t waste the gift of life!”

We were all created for the purpose of enjoying this life and of celebrating TODAY! We want to leave ample reason for folks to cheer, to celebrate the fact that they knew us, to remember that we understood how to have fun, and to make no mistake that we were not the kind of men who let those opportunities to have a good time slip us by.