get your kids to help with chores

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help With Chores

If your kids are like most, they don’t enjoy doing chores. And they may not even do them at all! But involving your children in household chores is more than dividing up tasks to get it all done; it’s a great way to teach your children valuable life lessons such as responsibility, time management, hard work and serving others. We know it’s easier said than done, but here are 5 ways to get your kids to help with chores.

1. Define each chore in advance.

If your kids understand their tasks and your expectation ahead of time, they’re more likely to do the job and do it well. This might mean making a list of each child’s responsibilities and posting it on the refrigerator for everyone to see. As your child completes a task, be sure to give ample praise.

2. Give advance notice for bigger chores.

Expecting junior to mow the lawn with a 30-minute warning is not setting him up for success. When you give your child advance notice, also assign a deadline for when you would like the task completed. By doing so, your child will learn how to manage his time to complete each task.

3. Provide a reward or incentive if your child completes bonus chores.

If your child chooses to go above and beyond his normal chore list and complete a predetermined bonus task, he may earn extra cash. One simple way is to place a list on the refrigerator with how much each bonus chore is worth. Let your child choose if and when he will complete a bonus chore. This idea fosters an attitude of helpfulness and reinforces the lesson that hard work will be rewarded.

4. Give mom a day off.

Let mom choose one day this month as her day off. Then have everyone else in the family pitch in to make sure the house runs smoothly—divide and conquer. This is mom’s day to relax and take a break. Be sure to remind your kids to thank mom for all she does for the family.

5. Choose a fun project to do as a family.

It can be as simple as having your children choose 3-5 items that they are willing to donate for a family garage sale while they are completing chores around the house. When they day arrives, assign each child a task such as cashier, greeter, etc. depending on their age. Once the sale ends, sit down as a family and decide to which charity you will donate your earnings. This is a practical way of demonstrating the value of giving to others. Check out our Check, Check, Done Printable chore list!

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