Couple Watching Football

5 Ways to Make Watching Football a Couple’s Sport

My wife occasionally watches football with me. Her football watching has had different phases throughout our marriage. One phase she had no interest at all not being a football wife.. Another phase she wanted to watch with me to spend time, but found it uninteresting or confusing so it didn’t last. Another phase she watched every week and got caught up emotionally just like I did.

Through it all, I’ve learned there are some things which make her more likely to watch and even enjoy football with me. If you want to spend your late summer and fall Sundays with your wife as well as with football, then the following ways can help you achieve this.

1. Patiently teach her the game.

The biggest deterrent to my wife watching football was that she just didn’t understand the game. When I took the time to explain the rules, the objective, and even certain plays to her she was more willing to sit and watch with me. You will need to be patient in this. After all, you have probably been watching and playing football your whole life. It is common sense to you, but it is just the opposite for your wife.

2. Find a personal connection.

The seasons she watched the most, we knew some of the players, coaches, and family members on the team. That personal connection took it beyond football. If you don’t know any of the players or coaches, then do some research on the players and staff of your favorite team. Find something for her to personally connect to. The stories behind the players can be pretty interesting for you and your wife.

3. Set a time limit.

Football on Sunday can last all day. You can turn on ESPN in the morning and watch the pregame shows until Sunday Night Football on NBC followed by SportsCenter, with no break in between! Unless your wife is a true die hard football fan, which you don’t need to read this post if true, then there is only so much football she can handle on Sunday. Discuss in advance how much time, how many games, or which teams you will watch on Sunday. Our team usually plays the early 1pm (ET) game, so football for her can be over by 4pm and the rest of the day can be spent doing something else.

4. Get her some gear.

At the height of her football watching, my wife would come home from church and change into her jersey before me or the kids even thought about it. She enjoyed sporting her gear and wore it proudly. Take her shopping for the official NFL gear of your favorite team! Something about wearing your team’s colors, logo, or jersey adds to the experience for you and your wife.

5. Pass it on…to your kids.

Make sure you groom your kids as well. If you like a certain team, make sure they are fans too. When your kids get into the game, your wife will have one more reason to do so herself.

“You are my best friend, and I want to enjoy my favorite things with you. How can I make it fun for you to watch football games with me?”