5 Ways to Turn Up the Heat in Your Marriage

It is bad enough that the temperatures are below freezing outside, but when your marriage is cold you have a much bigger problem. Don’t let your marriage grow cold; turn up the heat and bring back the romance. Below are 5 ways to turn up the heat in your marriage.

1. Check the thermostat.

Recognize the temperature of your marriage, but don’t focus only on the bad parts. Think about the good things in your marriage, and make that your focus.

2. Slow down.

During the cold seasons, things seem to slow down. Do the same thing with your marriage. Slow down and look for ways to spend more time together.

3. Light a fire.

There is nothing that changes the dynamic of your relationship like prayer. When prayer is absent, you don’t love as well. When prayer is present, you love one another well. Light a fire with the power of prayer in your marriage. If you don’t know what to pray, here are 10 Things to Pray for Your Marriage.

4. Speak your wife’s (love) language.

Communication is important in your marriage. But sometimes you are communicating in different languages. Find out what your wife’s love language is, and speak it regularly.

5. Cozy up with one another.

Once you start speaking love to her in the form of her love language, it is time to heat it up. Get as close to one another as you possibly can. Spend quiet and intimate time together, without the kids.

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