7 Life Hacks for Dads

There are many moments in life when we overthink the situation. But by the time we’ve studied it, observed it, and contemplated it the situation has passed or gotten worse. Sometimes we just need to handle the issue immediately in the best way possible. This is where life hacks come in handy—a shortcut that gets right to the heart of the matter.

A dad needs to have an arsenal of life hacks in his holster. For instance, you find yourself with a child that just lost a tooth and is now very excited for a visit from the tooth fairy. What are you going to do? Are you going to make it a memorable experience, or just clumsily put a quarter on their pillow and try not to wake them up? Make it memorable by getting a little glue, some glitter, and turning a dollar bill into tooth fairy money. That’s an easy example, but for more purposeful ideas here are 7 life hacks for dads.

1. Time Management Hack

Make a list. This is really simple but a lot of men do not do this because it falls under the category of “instructions.” Ever wonder why women are generally much more organized than us? They make lists. Time is wasted and anxiety is created by rushing because we are trying to figure things out as we go. Save yourself some trouble and make a daily list.

2. A Common Fix-it Hack

Dads spend a lot of time with tools in their hands over the years. Nothing is more irritating than a stripped screw hole or a jammed bolt. For the stripped screw hole, super glue 2-3 toothpicks in it and then put the screw back in. As for the stuck bolt, find a pipe to put over the end of the wrench you are using, and you’ll notice you need far less force to loosen it. There are a million tricks like this you can find on youTube.

3. Determining Value Hack

One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children is to be selective in how we invest our time and effort. There is no sense in spending a day of your life fixing something that can be replaced brand new at a low cost. However, if one of your wedding china plates breaks during a special occasion, you don’t just throw it away. You meticulously glue it back together because you cherish it for the value it represents. Teach your kids how to choose their battles when it comes to determining something’s value.

4. Romance Hack

Our kids are learning what relationships look like by observing us. Romance can fall by the wayside in a busy family life and that’s a tragedy. A life hack for that is to find ways to romance your bride while in the family setting. Play board games together, attend a cultural enhancing event, or give her a shoulder or foot massage while watching television. Acts of service are a major love language for most women.

5. Keep Only What You Need Hack

Our consumer-based society leaves a lot of us overflowing with things we simply don’t need. At the start of each year, turn your clothes hangers backwards so they are pointing towards you. After the first wear, place it back in your closet as you normally would—facing away from you. At the end of the year, the clothes on backwards hangers are given to charity.

6. Money Saving Hack

Impulse buying is a terrible waste of family money and sets a bad standard for our children. Set a policy of having a 30-Day list. Only buy the essentials and put the things not really needed on the list. If after 30 days you still want to purchase them, do so. At that point, the strong urge will be gone and it will be a rational decision.

7. Prayer Life Hack

Sincere prayer is our direct connection to God; it relieves our stress and keeps us assured we are not walking alone. Make time each day to pray for your marriage, your wife, your children, your work, and strength against temptation. Calm your heart and pray.

Teach them a fun life hack for how to cure hiccups.