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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Family Time

Life can get busy, especially when you have kids. Keeping up with all your tasks and activities is challenging enough. Add your kids’ or your wife’s activities to that and spending quality time with your family can be hard to do.

One of the best ways to keep up with your kids is by integrating quality family time into everyday activities. For the things you do each and every day, why not make an effort to do them together as a family? Here are 7 ways to make the most of your family time.

One of the best ways to keep up with your kids is by integrating quality family time into everyday activities.

1. Make meal time family time.

Like my family, your family probably eats together every day. Be more intentional and make the entire meal time a family affair. Use services like eMeals for planning, then eat together at the dinner table and clean up afterward together as well.

2. Make bedtime family time.

Bedtime with our kids is one of my favorites, but it can be easily forgotten when you are tired or activities keep your family out and up very late. Do something each and every night that can be done over and over again. I pray with my kids and then I become the “tuck-in monster.”

3. Make downtime family time.

Sunday afternoon is family rest time. Everyone grabs a blanket, pillow, or whatever they need to get comfy, and we relax as a family. We don’t do this enough, but when we do, those Sundays are the best!

4. Make drive time family time.

We spend a lot of time in the car. This is a great time to talk, sing favorite songs, or even listen to encouraging audio books.

5. Make bath time family time.

When your kids are young and need help with baths, face washing, or teeth brushing this is a great time. I’ve been guilty of “we are getting in and out of the tub, quickly!” I’m usually tired at this time, but allowing the kids to play with bath toys and talk usually yields some priceless moments.

6. Make chore time family time.

Laundry, mopping, vacuuming, yard work, picking up items, taking out the garbage are all things that need to be done over and over again. Much like meal time, involve the kids and make it a family affair.

7. Make entertainment time family time.

Instead of having four different TVs on in four different areas of the house, or each person on a different computer, phone, or game screen, make one room the entertainment/TV room and plant your faces in screens together!

Sound off: What other ways can you make the most of your family time?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What’s your favorite thing about our times together as a family?”