Building a Team of Champions

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Football fans are counting down the seconds to the 2015 NFL Draft this Thursday. My Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the coveted first-round draft pick. It seems obvious that their pick will boil down to either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. If I was making the pick, I would choose Mariota. He was an unbelievable quarterback at the University of Oregon. I had the pleasure to get to know him as he was a teammate of my son for three years.

Mariota is not only a great athlete and tremendous quarterback, he’s a great person, a great young man, a tremendous leader, and a guy who rallies his team around him. He’s not cocky and he’s not flashy. He’s a hard worker who I think makes everyone around him better. I think he’ll be a tremendous asset to the team, a great person in the community, and a great person to be the face of the franchise. Even though drafting Mariota would be great, I think there is more to building a team of champions than drafting one player.