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successful living

The Pathway to Successful Living

The paths of successful people are shaped by that type of mindset. Both sunshine and rain fall on each of our lives, one building character and strength and the other bringing the beautiful rewards of perseverance through the storm. We are to focus on the promise of hope, and use the hurt as an experience that builds wisdom. Cultural success is defined by material wealth, prestige, and fame. Generally, those are the things also apt to cause failure in the key aspects of life that bring genuine satisfaction and happiness. In other words, following cultural pathways to success leads one into a minefield of traps and snares that produce undesired results. For instance, debt, jealousy, and selfishness are all conditions bred by successful definitions, yet each one is a trap loaded with destruction. Cultural success says you need to live a certain level of lifestyle, but doing so often means living beyond our means. There is no one that starts out their adult life with the wish: I sure hope I accumulate a mountain of debt and become saddled with stress and worry. True success is measured by the net results of our efforts. Does our integrity remain intact? Is our family better served in the aspects of love, joy, and peace? Do our efforts help or hinder those around us? We may have gained tremendous wealth and notoriety, but if we did so at the cost of all goodness then success cannot be claimed in earnest. A successful man has the qualities of self-control, patient determination, faithfulness, and practices sacrificial leadership. The world may crumble around him, but that man will remain standing after the storm has ended. Here are some of the key traits that lead to a path of successful living. . . .

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