College Football: My Take

College football is a unique time and I got reintroduced to it last year by going to some games at Oregon. I love the atmosphere, the excitement, the bands, those kinds of things. There’s nothing like chasing a championship season as well.

There are several teams that are going to be in there this year. Alabama has had great recruiting again. I  know LSU is picked very high. They’ve had some off the field issues, so we’ll see how they respond to that.  The Pac 10 has a couple powerhouse teams –Stanford and Oregon.  I will really be pulling for Oregon and Chip Kelly this year as my son, Eric, was just placed in the starting rotation at wide receiver.

I’m a Big 10 person, so we’ll see who rises from the Big 10. Ohio State is a great program that has had some difficulties and lost some players now. I’m not really sure how they will fare this year. In the SEC, I like LSU and Alabama. I look at the Pac 10 and I like Stanford and Oregon. Those are the teams you’re going to see up there at the end of the year.

My family is traveling to Dallas for Oregon vs. LSU this weekend. Stay tuned for pictures and updates.  Go Ducks!