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3 Ways Daddy-Daughter Dates Will Enhance Your Relationship

I can remember one of our first daddy-daughter dates, as I was dressed up in a suit and tie, and my 6-year-old daughter was in her favorite red dress. As we left the house that night hand in hand, I could tell my little girl could hardly contain her excitement about our night out together. In fact, I remember being pretty excited myself. What I didn’t know then, nearly 10 years ago, was that our dates together would do what they’ve done: keep us close and connected over the years.

There’s something very special about the daddy-daughter relationship.

There’s something very special about the daddy-daughter relationship. It’s hard to explain, but it’s very real. Since my daughter was young, I have tried to consistently take her out on daddy-daughter dates. She looks forward to them and she’s good at reminding me when it’s been a while. We both love them, and they have without a doubt enhanced our relationship over the years. Here are a few of the ways how.

1. We know each other better.

Daddy-daughter dates have allowed me to learn more about my daughter on a personal level and what is going on in her life at different stages. It also has allowed her to open up and talk to me more than at any other time because she knows I am all ears and that no topic is out of bounds. Daddy-daughter dates also have opened the door for ours to be more than just a family relationship, but a friendship. We can talk about whatever is on her heart and ask and answer questions in a one-on-one setting.

2. We love each other deeper.

The more you invest in a relationship, the more you get out of that relationship—even for a father and his daughter. When I go out of my way to show love to my daughter, the deeper our love grows for each other. She loves it when I invite her on a date, when I initiate a hug, or when I tell her how much she means to me. It means the world to her to be the center of my attention and to know that nothing matters to me in those moments except for her. Going on dates with her has given me an opportunity to do all of these things and more in a meaningful and memorable way. We are both better for it.

3. We enjoy each other more.

The more I communicate with my daughter, the more she enjoys communicating with me. Times spent going out together serve as a springboard for more conversations, fun times, laughs, and inside jokes. And although she may not know it, I’m trying to instill within her the instinctive knowledge of what to look for in a young man someday when she’s older. I not only want her to enjoy spending time with me as her father, but I also want to be the standard by which she judges other men. Through daddy-daughter dates, we thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. I see my daughter as one of my greatest life investments. And taking her on dates has proven to yield a worthwhile return on that investment.

Sound off: How could your relationship be enhanced if you started scheduling daddy-daughter dates?

Huddle up with your daughter and ask, “How does it make you feel when I take you on a daddy-daughter date?”