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5 Reasons Dads Should Be Ready for Teachable Moments

In the soft glow of the coffee table lamp in our living room, my wife and I settled into our nightly reading routine with our twins. As we began to read aloud from a storybook, our little ones’ eyes sparkled with excitement. However, within moments, their tiny fingers were racing across the pages, turning them faster than my wife and I could read.

“Can we finish the page? It gets really good,” I’d say, if they gave me time. But before I could finish my sentence, little hands pointed at the giraffe on the next page. Soon, they’d scream for the next book. Around and around we’d go. After having a little bit of fun, I explained to our twins how when we rush through things, sometimes we miss amazing parts of the story, even in life. After remembering I was talking to babies, I laughed and gave up on trying. Sometimes, it’s easy to give up on teachable moments. But, it’s our job as dads to use these opportunities wisely. Here are 5 reasons dads should be ready for teachable moments.

1. Teachable moments are opportunities to bond.

Sure, they might roll their eyes now and then, but down the road, those heart-to-heart talks and shared experiences will be treasures of you to them. I’m living proof. When my dad cued the Ted talks, I gave Oscar-worthy sighs. However, when he became one of my go-to people for advice as I matured, I was glad he stuck around for all those little chats.

2. Teachable moments are opportunities to model values.

As dads, we are one of our children’s most significant role models. Teachable moments offer the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the values, attitudes, and behaviors you hope to instill in them. Whether it’s displaying kindness to a stranger in front of our girls, or displaying perseverance in the face of a challenge, these interactions allow me to lead by example.

As our kids grow, we need to dive into the rabbit holes of questions and discoveries together with them.

3. Teachable moments can captivate curiosity.

Think about it. Kids are like young explorers, constantly hunting for new info and experiences. They’ve got this unquenchable curiosity that’s just waiting to be fed. So, don’t let those moments slip through your fingers. I’ve enrolled myself as our twins’ personal adventure buddy taking on their desire to explore. As our kids grow, we need to dive into the rabbit holes of questions and discoveries together with them. We and the kids both become wiser when we do.

4. You’re the coolest teacher.

Classrooms and textbooks are great, but dads can be the ultimate teacher in a child’s world. They look up to us with those wide eyes, eager to learn anything and everything from us. We’re like their personal Google, but with way cooler answers that come alive at home. It’s crazy how much our twins’ repeat from us even when we don’t say anything. Teachable moments can have an even greater impact when we live out what we teach our kids.

5. You’re building a legacy.

When I look at our twins, it sounds crazy to tell y’all that I imagine my grandkids. But I consider them as I raise their parents. When dads are all-in on those teachable moments, we’re not just helping our kids today. We’re setting them up for a lifetime of learning and growth. The knowledge and values we pass on now will shape who they—and maybe evn their kids—become tomorrow. So, let’s take a breather from our busy day and make these moments count. We’re leaving a legacy, one moment at a time.

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Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is the coolest thing you’ve learned this year?”