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Help! I Have a Disobedient Child

We are in the process of raising 11 children. All of them are very different. Some are compliant. They know the drill and have it down pat, always trying to please Mom and Dad. Honestly, those kids are easy to raise, but not all kids are like that. There are those kids who tend to challenge you or act defiantly. What do you do with those children? How do you get them on the right track?

Here are 3 things to do if you have a disobedient child.

1. Pray.

Spend time praying for your child and a spirit of obedience. I believe in a God who can change our hearts. Pray that over your child. Perhaps you never considered praying or struggle in your belief. Start simple. Tell God how you are feeling and what your child needs. Ask for wisdom and discernment. Then see what happens.

Keep the overall goal in mind and help your child be the best he or she can be.

2. Have patience.

It won’t change overnight. Molding and shaping kids take time. Keep the overall goal in mind and help your child be the best he or she can be. If you do that consistently, over time, you will eventually see the effects.

3. Stay hopeful.

My dad used to talk about my Uncle Richard, who was the most disobedient child ever. My grandfather was a minister who taught them right from wrong, but Richard always went the other way. My grandparents continued to discipline him over and over. Somewhere along the way, the lightbulb turned on and he eventually became the assistant chief of police in the city of Detroit. No one believed it. In fact, I met a guy who asked me if I was related to Richard Dungy. I told him he was my uncle, but when I told him what he was doing for a living he said, “Oh, that must be a different guy. That’s not the guy that I know.”

So that shows you that people can change. Don’t lose hope.

Sound off: How do you deal with disobedient children?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “When is it most difficult for you to be patient?”