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All Pro Dad is the fatherhood program of Family First, a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization. We are on a mission to help you love and lead your family well.

We do not offer counseling. However, you may wish to call Focus on the Family at 1-800-232-6459 for free counseling services over the phone. Additionally, they will have some suggestions on agencies or counselors in your area.

All Pro Dad Chapters

Go to https://allprodadchapters.com/chapters/new to start a chapter. If you need more information, check out https://www.allprodad.com/chapters/.

The annual fee to run a chapter for an entire year is $50. Payment of the fee gets you access to everything you need to run your chapter for a full year (other than food for your meetings). It includes online access to: monthly curriculum, discussion cards, PowerPoint presentations, promotional flyers, leader’s guides, videos, and a Playbook filled with best practices and resources. It also includes your own customizable chapter webpage which can be used to publicize your meetings and collect RSVP’s from attendees. You will also have access to an All Pro Dad Chapter online community for sharing tips, videos, photos, and stories with other Team Captains. Plus, you’ll get access to unlimited phone and email support from our All Pro Dad Chapter team.

Chick-fil-A corporate is a national breakfast sponsor of the All Pro Dad Chapter program, which means they encourage their operators to support the program. However, since Chick-fil-A restaurants are individually owned and operated, each operator must make their own decision about the level of local support. Chick-fil-A operators have several ways in which they may help, including providing food at a discounted price and providing coupons or other prizes. Please contact your local Chick-fil-A operator directly to determine what level of support they are able to offer.

As indicated in the previous question, your local Chick-fil-A operator may be able to help with breakfast, but you may be able to get other local restaurants or franchise operators to help as well. Beyond having the breakfast catered by a local restaurant, the most common options for providing breakfast at your chapter meetings are: working directly with your school cafeteria and working with the school’s PTA/PTO to provide breakfast. If you are at a Title I school, please ask your principal if you can utilize the free breakfast that is offered to the students and supplement extra food for the fathers that attend. Many of our chapters also work with other local restaurants to donate breakfast items, seeking donations from grocery stores, bakeries, donut/bagel shops, etc. Most chapters ask their attendees to contribute to cover the cost of breakfast if they are unable to have the food donated. All Pro Dad has no problem with this approach, but we do ask that you not charge admission for your chapter meetings themselves.

You can purchase an All Pro Dad Prize Pack and other All Pro Dad branded merchandise from your Team Captain Homepage. There is no requirement that you buy merchandise from us, but the Prize Pack is a great deal on a variety of giveaway items. Often Team Captains are also able to get prizes donated from local businesses or funded through the school PTA/PTO.

Yes. While the curriculum is geared more toward dads/father figures and their kids, we always want our programs to be inclusive. Therefore, the All Pro Dad Chapter breakfast should be open to moms, as well as other relatives (grandfather, uncle, etc.) who wish to attend with a child (with the parent’s consent, of course).

Yes. We have several chapters that have been started and run by women. Once an All Pro Dad Chapter is up and running, often a father who is regularly attending will step up to be the Team Captain; but we also have several chapters that are run by a mom or another woman leader in the school.

We have found that the most successful chapters run a breakfast meeting during the hour immediately prior to the school day. There is no requirement that you run a breakfast meeting. We have chapters running evening and weekend meetings as well, but breakfast immediately prior to school is typically the most effective. Regardless of the time you choose, we encourage you to stick to a consistent schedule so that the dads know when to expect the meetings and can plan for them well in advance.

No. We know that the school’s calendar gets very busy, so you have complete flexibility regarding how often you hold your meetings. We would recommend that you strive to meet once a month, as this is the most effective approach to building consistency with the dads.

As you can imagine, we receive an overwhelming number of requests for Tony Dungy (and other NFL Spokesmen) to speak or visit our many local chapters. While Tony continues to be a big supporter of All Pro Dad and is very active with our organization, his availability to attend or speak with local All Pro Dad’s Day chapters across the country is very limited.


You will be emailed a release waiver link the week of the event to print, sign and bring with you.

Yes, please call 1-800-956-8300 ext. 309 and one of our All Pro Dad representatives will walk you through the steps.

We recommend the event for elementary aged children.

Absolutely, the event content is geared towards father and children but can certainly be adapted to mother and children.

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