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Good Valentine’s Day Ideas to Help You Love Your Family Well

I used to be one of those guys who said, “Valentine’s Day is just a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ which was created to increase sales.” My thoughts were, “If I loved my wife and kids well throughout the year, then this ‘made-up holiday’ shouldn’t be a big deal.” I was wrong. So what if Valentine’s Day is a cleverly crafted marketing idea. It doesn’t matter when it comes to loving my family well. Even if I treated every day of the year like Valentine’s Day, I shouldn’t ignore the actual Valentine’s Day. It gives me another opportunity to show my wife and kids love.

When you love your family well, you look for ways to show how much they mean to you. [Tweet This] Unlike the past, Valentine’s Day happens to be one of those opportunities for me. Instead of being the Valentine’s Day “Grinch”, I say thank you to whoever created this day because I have another “reason” to love on my wife and kids. Here are some good Valentine’s Day ideas to help you love your family and make them feel special.

Here are 3 Ways to Love Your Wife Well This Weekend and 3 Ways to Love Your Kids Well This Weekend.

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Jackie Bledsoe

Jackie Bledsoe is an author, blogger, and speaker, but first and foremost a husband and father of three, who helps men better lead and love the ones who matter most.

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