Helping Out on Holidays

Holidays mean extra work, so it’s important for everyone in the family to pitch in and help, so Mom isn’t stuck doing all the work. Here’s a list of age-appropriate tasks for Thanksgiving holiday helpers of all ages…


Ages 5-9:

Picking up toys and keeping family room tidy

Feeding family pets

Setting the table

Helping with holiday baking (stirring, decorating, etc.)

Monitoring the kitchen timer while food cooks

Folding napkins

Creating table decorations or centerpiece

Creating place cards


Ages 10-13:

Polishing silverware

Serving food

Clearing the table

Helping with cooking, baking and food prep

Taking out the trash

Peeling vegetables, simple food prep

Washing dishes

Planning conversation topics for mealtime

Ages 14-18:

Laundering table linens

Vacuuming, cleaning, dusting

Preparing guest rooms

Yard work, raking leaves

Washing dishes

Babysitting or entertaining younger siblings

Planning activities for before/or after the meal


Adults (Children,spouses other family members)

Running errands, picking up last-minute ingredients

Cooking and overseeing kitchen helpers

Ironing table linens

Washing dishes

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