spring fever

How to Create a Spring Fever in Your Marriage

Spring Fever is here! It’s that feeling of excitement you have at the beginning of Spring. It causes you to walk with a different bounce in your step, to see things in a different and more positive light, and an overall increase in energy.

That is exactly what I want in my marriage. I want to feel the excitement of when we first dated and when I first knew my wife was “The One.” Having Spring Fever in my marriage will lead to new areas of growth for both of us. I want to see her light up.

I’ve found out how to create this Spring Fever, and it can happen in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Does that sound like something you’d like to have in your marriage? If so, here’s more on How to Create a Spring Fever in Your Marriage.

1. Be kind(er) to your wife.

This is not to say you are mean, rude, and hard to get along with, but you can always do something kind. When you think of being kind, think of being proactive. When you are kind to your wife, you think in advance, “What will make her feel good?” Then you do it. Then do something else kind.

2. Be encouraging to your wife.

I’ve traded places with my wife before when it comes to managing our house and tending to our kids. Let me say this…NOT. EASY. It can drain the energy out of your wife. But when you encourage her, you’ll restore that energy and the Spring Fever in your marriage will return.

3. Be there for your wife.

Being there doesn’t mean solving problems. Being there means listening to her without always responding or coming up with a solution. Sometimes our wives just need someone to listen. Don’t let that always be her girlfriend or mother; you can be the one there for her.

4. Get out with your wife.

Get out of the house, get out of town, get out of the state, or get out of the country. Go somewhere without the kids. Change up the normal day-to-day and have some fun like you used to do when you were falling for each other.

5. Get romantic with your wife.

Candlelight dinner (at home or out), bubble bath with scented candles, back rubs and massages, dancing, that cologne she loves, or “the look.” Think “What does my wife find romantic?” and then do it.