How To Deal With Difficult People

Over my years of coaching, I thoroughly enjoyed working with players who worked hard and did everything I asked of them. It was fun to work with coaches and staff who were on board with what I said and did. That was the easy part. But the secret of getting ahead in life is learning how to deal with people who are difficult.

When you run across people like that, what do you do? This is how I have always approached dealing with difficult people.

I have always tried to focus on the end project, rather than on the person. Ask yourself the question, “Where do we want to be at the end of the day?” Try to ignore the things that get on your nerves a little bit. Instead, think of that person as someone who needs some help or perhaps even someone who can help you. Focus on the method and the project rather than the personality. That has always helped me in dealing with difficult people.


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