how to have an adventure with your daughter

7 Ways to Have an Adventure With Your Daughter

I spent part of last summer teaching my son how to fish. As we navigated our way through picking the right gear and finding the right spot, my daughters heard what we were up to, and they wanted to be a part of things. We brought my daughters along and then something extraordinary happened. My son showed his sister what he was learning about how to hold, cast, and reel.

One of the desires of every daughter’s heart is to have adventures with her dad.

The whole day reminded me of something every dad to daughters ought to know: One of the desires of every daughter’s heart is to have adventures with her dad. If you need help figuring out how to have an adventure with your daughter, here are 7 simple ways to do just that.

Go thrift-store shopping.

A thrift store may not be the first place you’d think of for an adventure with your daughter, but you never know what treasures you’ll find on a thrift store’s shelves. You might find clothes, an item your daughter would like for her room, or some other trinket she likes. Or you might come across an old toy or retro tech you had as a kid that you can explain to her. Whether you find a “treasure” or not, the time spent together exploring the wonders of a thrift store will be time well spent.

Get outdoors.

Chances are, whatever state or province you live in offers some unique outdoor experiences. A wonderful adventure starts by going outside for a hike in the woods, a day at the beach, or an overnight trip to the mountains. The shared opportunity to examine some of the beauty of the natural world often lends itself to a mixture of laughter and deep conversations—some of the best ingredients for any father/daughter adventure.

Make an epic couch fort.

Kids can find a hundred ways to have fun with couch cushions. A classic project most kids love is to stack them up into some sort of fort. When Dad moves the furniture around and adds ropes, blankets, and lighting, couch-fort building becomes epic. Once the fort is built, get inside! A younger daughter would adore a tea party with Dad in the fort and an older daughter might treasure dessert and a movie in its cozy confines.

Fix something together.

Owning a home and a car means having a neverending to-do list. Even though they don’t always stick with it from start to finish, it can be an absolute delight for a daughter to swing a hammer or turn a wrench with her dad. Not only is it good bonding time, but it’s also practical: Eventually our daughters will need to know how to change a flat tire and all the tricks involved with painting a wall.

Go on a bike ride.

The day our kids learn to ride on two wheels opens up a world of possibilities. This opens up the opportunity to take your daughter on bike rides beyond your neighborhood. She’ll be excited to go on bike rides to the park, to the 7-Eleven, or through whatever bike trails your community has to offer. As she gets older, seek out some wilderness trails and plan a picnic as a memorable shared adventure.

Take her to see a musical.

Whether it’s a full-scale professional production or a show on stage at a local high school, going to see a musical can be a great dad and daughter adventure. Some dads take full advantage here and wait around after the show so their daughters can meet the cast. You can have the actors sign the playbill or take photos of them with your daughter and then frame and hang the playbill and pictures as mementos.

Try something new.

Whether it’s something simple like a pottery class or something a little more unique like axe throwing, look for something neither of you has ever done and sign up for it. You might master this new thing the first time around, creating a shared interest for both of you. And if you can’t quite figure it out, remember that you’ll have something new to laugh about together.

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Huddle up with your daughter and ask, “What is your favorite way to spend time with me?”