How to Keep Kids Safe at School

If you spend just a few minutes viewing viral videos going around the Internet (we don’t recommend it), it becomes easy to see why so many parents are nervous about school. Bullies on buses, fights in the hallways, shootings, even school resource officers dumping kids out of desks and dragging them across the floor. How safe is your child’s school?

Yes, it’s a dangerous world across the board. We can keep the doors locked at night. We can make sure they wear a seatbelt in the car. We can SPF 100 their skin at the beach, but we can’t shield our children from every detail of day to day reality. [Tweet This] School is a fact of life, and even in kindergarten, they let go of our hands and march through the school doors without us.

What’s an All Pro Dad to do? Is self-defense the answer? How about keeping a low profile? Do we teach our kids (and ourselves) how to cope or do we pull them out altogether? How safe is your child’s school? Check out the following ideas designed to keep kids safe at school.

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