becoming a man

Important Steps to Take With Your Son

When do our sons become men? When do they really take that step from being adolescents to being grown-ups? These are some important steps to take with a son in his journey toward becoming a man.

My Father’s Approach

My dad gave me responsibility. Responsibility around the house. Responsibility to drive the car. I remember very vividly when he said, “Okay, you can be the sole driver now. You can pick up your football teammates, but it takes responsibility.” He got me going on the path to being an adult and made me feel like I could handle responsibility. His big talk to us was, “If you’re going to be a man, there are things that are gonna fall on your plate that you have to accept.”

My Approach

I gave my own boys responsibility, too. It hasn’t always been as smooth and as easy. But I talked to them about their responsibilities and told them what I expected. Then I allowed them to “pass-fail.” I let them walk through challenges themselves, guiding and advising them, but not always doing everything for them.

My dad allowed me to make some mistakes and I learned from them.

Letting Them Make Mistakes

My dad allowed me to make some mistakes and I learned from them. He was there to counsel me, but he let me make the mistakes. I let my sons make some mistakes at times, too. I think that’s an important, big step in having our sons become men: let them learn from their mistakes.

Sound off: What are some other important steps our sons need to take as they become men?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is one thing you aren’t allowed to do that you think you may be responsible enough to handle?”