Matt Stafford is on his way.   After becoming the first pick in the NFL draft, Matt’s life will be an adventure.  I can’t predict how he’ll do in the NFL, but I do know that he comes from a strong program at the University of Georgia.  Mark Richt is the head coach at Georgia, and I recently spent some time with him when we expanded our All Pro Dad program into college football.  Mark believes, like I do, that coaches have a responsibility to do more than develop their players’ football skills; they have a responsibility to help these young men develop their life skills.  During my visit to the University of Georgia, Coach Richt gave me the opportunity to talk to his team.  I didn’t take that talk lightly.  I wanted my words to influence these players in a positive way.  I hope that at least something I said about living a life of significance and honor sinks in.

P.S.  Someone showed me this video clip of Matt Stafford at the NFL combine in February.  They pointed out the book that Matt was carrying.  I wish Matt the best-on the field and off the field-as he begins his NFL career.