generation gap

What We Need to Do About the Generation Gap

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When I was younger, people talked about the generation gap. The reality is that there is a gap between generations, especially today. We are comfortable with the lifestyles we have known, what we are used to. There has been a lot of tension between boomers and millennials in particular. But we can overcome the tension and distance between generations. Here’s how.

Keep an open mind.

When I was young and driving in the car with my dad, I always wanted to hear the Temptations. But my dad would always say, “Turn that junk off! I want to hear the Drifters.” I remember thinking that when I was older, I was going to be different. I thought that when I had kids, I was going to be relevant and relate to them. But now I find myself doing the same thing. They will be in the back seat playing music and I want to say exactly what my dad said.

I’ve been able to remember in those moments that I can’t be like that. I have to keep an open mind and take interest in what my kids like.

Communicate and see the other point of view.

We have to listen and communicate rather than shut each other off.

The times change, but in a way, they don’t change. We have to listen and communicate rather than shut each other off. We have to do our best to try to understand how someone from another generation thinks. Reach out to someone who’s part of another generation and try to see life from his or her perspective.

Sound off: What do you think we need to do to close generation gaps?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “How do older generations make you feel?”