My Biggest Challenge and How I Overcame It

We all face challenges in our work and as dads. One of the biggest differences between people who are successful and those who fall short is how they deal with challenges. People who do well don’t shy away from them, rather they seize the opportunities and overcome challenges. Not that there’s anything wrong with failing. Failure can certainly teach us, strengthen us, and shape our character. But I think there’s a way to approach trials that leads more often to victory than defeat.

When I think back on my career and my biggest challenges, there is one that stands out more than any other. Here is my biggest challenge and how I overcame it.

The Challenge

It was coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When I arrived in Tampa, they were on a streak of 13 consecutive losing seasons. There was a really negative attitude around the team. The challenge: How can we turn that around and become a playoff team and a Super Bowl winner?

If you want to overcome a challenge, think like a winner, be the best you can be, and make no excuses.

Overcoming It

We started by incorporating everyone and building an attitude of togetherness and unity. The most important thing to our team was working together and being the best that we could be. It took hard work and determination. We became determined not to let the little things distract us.

Our Motto

We had a sign in the locker room for the six years I coached in Tampa that said, “Expectations. Execution. No excuses. No explanations.” Our expectation was to think like a winner, to think like a champion. The execution was putting in the hard work to get it done. Then we were going to stay focused, making sure we didn’t let anyone tell us what we could or couldn’t do. And at the end of the day, we were going to give everything we had to give. If you want to overcome a challenge, think like a winner, be the best you can be, and make no excuses.

Sound off: How do you overcome challenges?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is the biggest challenge you were able to triumph over?”