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Ep. 8: What Are 7 Things A Son Needs From His Dad?

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This is the All Pro Dad podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “What are seven things a son needs from his dad?”

This question was inspired by one of the top 3 All Pro Dad blog posts of all time.
Dads really want to know how to connect with their boys. Ted Lowe, Mark Merrill,
Bobby Lewis, and BJ Foster talk about their relationships with their sons.
The types of needs we are talking about on today’s episode are not basic needs
like food, shelter, and clothing. We are talking about the 7 things a son needs
relationally from his dad.

What are the 7 things?

1. He needs you to love his mother.
2. He needs to see you fail, not just succeed.
3. He needs your servant leadership.
4. He needs you to be present.
5. He needs you to discipline him in love.
6. He needs your love regardless of his choices.
7. He needs you to affirm him.

Bottom line: Your son
needs you.

Today’s Pro Move: Pick one of the seven things on the list and focus on that this
week. Put it into practice to start becoming more connected with your son.

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