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Ep. 25 - Am I Messing Up My Kids?

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This is the All Pro Dad podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “Am I messing up my kids?”

We make mistakes all the time as parents. It never feels good, especially when feelings have been hurt! We can beat ourselves up as dads worrying if we are messing up our kids, even if our intentions are pure. Sometimes, we mess up without even realizing it. How does that impact our children? In this episode, Ted Lowe, Bobby Lewis, and Jason Hood share some of their failings as dads and ways to avoid them.

We want men to avoid becoming someone who, through his words and actions, continually stunts his child’s potential to grow and thrive. We hope you’re doing a great job, but even the most well-meaning dads can have blind spots. Are you any of these kinds of dads?

  1. 1. Absent Dad
  2. 2. Abusive Dad
  3. 3. Demanding Dad
  4. 4. Disneyland Dad
  5. 5. Distracted Dad
  6. 6. Hypocritical Dad
  7. 7. Macho Dad
  8. 8. Passive Dad
  10. Maybe one of those stung. Maybe more than one really resonated with you and made you wonder, “Why do I mess everything up?” While it may hurt, consider it a powerful revelation. Knowing the type of dad you don’t want to be, helps you to be the type of dad you do. To be our best, we have to examine our behavior and make any necessary changes. If you’re not sure if you are any of these types of dads, ask your kids what they think.  

Today’s Pro Move: Do one small thing this week to redirect yourself away from whichever “dad” you are becoming from this list.

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