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Ep 12: How do I realistically help my kids believe in themselves?

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This is the All Pro Dad podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, How do I realistically help my kids believe in themselves?

When you were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up? Play shortstop for the Yankees? Become an astronaut? A firefighter? Kids dream big dreams. Ted Lowe, Bobby Lewis, Buck Buchanan, and BJ Foster examine how to encourage our kids to chase their dreams without losing sight of reality.

In April 2020, the NCAA updated its data about the “estimated probability of competing in professional athletics.” The percentages of baseball and men’s ice hockey players who moved from the NCAA to a “major” pro league were 9.9% and 7.4%, respectively. But the percentages were much lower for other major college sports, including football (1.6%) and men’s basketball (1.2%).

A 2019 survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of TD Ameritrade found more than 40% of dads reported that they expect their child to become a professional athlete. On average, parents say a third of their income goes toward covering their children’s expenses, including sports, and 27% spend $500 or more per month on youth sports.

The sacrifices parents are making to pay for their kids’ sports are well documented. The survey notes that in order to pay for their kids’ sports expenses, parents are taking fewer vacations (36%) or working a second job (19%). According to, one in five sports parents delays retirement to pay for the expenses associated with youth sports. 

Bottom line: Encourage your kid’s character, not his or her performance.

Today’s Pro Move: In the next 24 hours, encourage your kids by telling them one thing you love and respect about their character.


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