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Ep. 27 – How Do I Make Sure My Kids Know I Like Them?

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This is the All Pro Dad Podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “How do I make sure my kids know I like them?”

There is a difference between loving your kids and liking them. Both are important! Most kids believe they are loved by their parents. But do they think they’re liked? Sometimes they test our patience. Dads manage meltdowns, muddy sneakers, and more. We may not like some of the things our kids do, but they need to know we like them as people. Ted Lowe, Bobby Lewis, and Buck Buchanan discuss not just how to love your kids but how to show them you like them, too.

Try these three things with your kids:

  1. 1. Tell them with your words.

Frequently tell your kid, “I like you.” Nobody wants to feel like an obligation. Saying “I like you” to your kids communicates that you accept them, they are enough, and they are not alone. Don’t shy away from telling them you like them in front of others

  1. 2. Tell them with your eyes.

Experts agree that 70–90% of communication is nonverbal. What are you communicating with your face and your body language when your kids walk into the room? Do you smile at them when you first see them in the morning, when you reconnect at the end of the day, and before going to bed? When they speak, do you put down your phone and listen? Your presence and attention should scream “I really like you.”

  1. 3. Tell them with your time.

As Buck put it, “How do you spell love? T-I-M-E.” Yes, it’s a cliché. But, it’s also true. Spending time with your kid taps into what we all know: People like to spend time with people they like.

Bottom line: Kids never feel more loved than when they feel liked.

Today’s Pro Move:  Smile at your kids and tell them you like them.

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